Growing the teacher-powered school community

As more people become aware of teacher-powered schools and their significance for the teaching profession, they want to know more. Your team is a means for their learning! In the Transforming stage, your team has the opportunity to share knowledge and act as a resource for other teams. Offer the opportunity for inquirers to tour your school, or to interview you about your work. Connect them with other teams in the movement who have secured the autonomy arrangements they are pursuing, or who have advanced learning programs similar to the ones they will advance.

Your team should also consider pursuing other opportunities, including:

  • participating in interviews with journalists;
  • writing articles;
  • presenting at conferences;
  • participating on panels; and
  • being subjects of research.

Your participation in activities like these will help raise awareness of teacher-powered schools. It will also help grow the number of teacher, state, district, charter authorizer, and union/association leaders who seek to create or support such schools as a means of transforming teachers and teaching for improved student learning.

Just think—without willing teacher-powered teams, the resource you are using right now would not exist. Neither would texts like Teacherpreneurs or Trusting Teachers with School Success. The community of teacher-powered schools depends on your commitment to its growth.


A virtual community of existing and developing teacher-powered teams, working together to start and improve schools. The community is also considering the best ways to grow.