Stories and articles about teacher-powered schools and collaborative teacher leadership.

Date Title Author Outlet
Apr 09, 2024 The Hidden Truth of Post-Pandemic Teaching Chris Stewart, Ravi Gupta Citizen Stewart Show
Nov 28, 2023 Could Reimagining Teaching Help Teachers Love Their Jobs More? Here’s How Madeline Will Education Week
Sep 02, 2023 FALA starting school year with new leadership structure and initiatives Abigail Kessler Arizona Daily Sun
Aug 26, 2023 Why is Minnesota short on teachers? Ted Kolderie Star Tribune
Aug 22, 2023 Hip Hop Is Saving Teen Lives in Minnesota Jim Fields & Emmeline Zhao The 74 Million
Jul 21, 2023 With teachers in charge, schools meet more needs, more effectively Melanie Boyer American Federation of Teachers
Apr 25, 2023 What happens when teachers run the school Caroline Preston MindShift
Apr 25, 2023 What happens when teachers run the school? Schools in Boston, St. Paul are trying it Caroline Preston MinnPost
Oct 10, 2022 Autonomous Schools Can Help Solve The Problem Behind The Teacher Shortage Problem Tressa Pankovits Progressive Policy Institute
Jun 01, 2022 Social Justice Humanitas: A Community School Approach to Whole Child Education Lorea Martínez, Laura E. Hernández, Marisa Saunders, Lisa Flook Learning Policy Institute
Mar 01, 2022 WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE: Wildlands School Offers Options for Nature-Loving Kiddos Tom Giffey VolumeOne
Feb 08, 2022 Can CA community schools meet the needs of families? How it might play out Amy Ta KCRW
Nov 02, 2021 For This LA High School, the Pandemic Meant the End of Traditional Grades Melanie Bavaria Next City
Oct 28, 2021 What happens when teachers are empowered to make leadership decisions? Alex Loda Arizona State University
Sep 14, 2021 What are microschools? 5 questions answered Barnett Berry The Conversation
Aug 15, 2021 Flagstaff Arts and Leadership Academy starts school Abigail Kessler Arizona Daily Sun
Jun 12, 2021 Santa Fe Montessori teachers taking charge after new director backs out Jessia Pollard Santa Fe New Mexican
May 10, 2021 Social Justice Humanitas: A Community School Approach to Whole Child Education Marisa Saunders, Lorea Martinez, Lisa Flook, Laura E. Hernández Learning Policy Institute
Apr 20, 2021 Home Range: Tracy Lake School Forest Paula Zwicke Price County Review
Jan 13, 2021 Souderton Charter School Collaborative again named ‘School to Watch’ Souderton Independent
Nov 19, 2020 Eight Ways New Schools Innovate Tom Vander Ark Forbes
Aug 30, 2020 4 ways for UC system to address social, economic and educational inequality Hugh Mehan, Joseph Watson, Peter Gourevitch La Jolla Light
Jul 26, 2020 UCLA-led program gives young students the chance to see themselves in data Olivia Tran and Lily Flick Daily Bruin
Jul 26, 2020 Independent Madison charter Milestone Democratic School designed ‘by youth, for youth’ Logan Wroge Wisconsin State Journal
Jan 02, 2020 Teaching (and Learning) Humanity at Philadelphia’s Workshop School Matthew Riggan Next Generation Learning Challenges
Jul 28, 2019 Teacher-powered schools are putting educators in the driver’s seat Bruno V. Manno Washington Examiner
Feb 19, 2019 DREAM Technical Academy: A Conversation with Tammie Knick and Doug Knick Education Reimagined
Feb 13, 2019 Charter schools can improve students’ lives Joe Nathan Charleston Gazette-Mail
Nov 05, 2018 How Teachers Designed a School Centered On Caring Relationships Mindshift
Oct 24, 2018 Avalon: Not your typical school Breanna Reynolds Edio
Sep 07, 2018 Charter School Passes on Administration, Uses Teacher-Empowered Learning KAAL TV
Sep 06, 2018 A “handmade forerunner” of personalized learning, forged by teachers Laura Pappano The Hechinger Report
Aug 12, 2018 Podcast: Teacher Power with Amy Junge and Danny Flannery We're Doing It Wrong
Jul 20, 2018 At these schools, teachers get a say in how things are run Kathy Boccella Philadelphia Inquirer
Jul 11, 2018 The Teacher-Powered Schools Movement: Transforming Teachers From Industrial Workers To Professionals Emily Langhorne Forbes
Jun 19, 2018 This is How You Empower Educators to Transform Education Tim Quealy Education Reimagined
Jun 18, 2018 Commentary: To Improve Education in Our Technological World, Put Teachers in Charge of ‘Doing Different’ and Empower Them to Innovate Ted Kolderie The 74
May 20, 2018 Souderton Charter School Collaborative re-designated as ‘Schools to Watch’ middle school Bob Keeler The Reporter
Apr 10, 2018 A California public school that Betsy DeVos wouldn’t recognize Bill Raden Beyond Chron
Mar 19, 2018 A Decade of Innovation: How the LAUSD Pilot School Movement is Advancing Equitable and Personalized Education Jeanne Fauci & Karen Hunter Quartz Center for Powerful Public Schools
Mar 15, 2018 Teachers’ Roles in School Decision Making and School Performance Richard M. Ingersoll, Philip Sirinides, Patrick Dougherty AFT Leadership
Feb 21, 2018 Boston’s Best Yelp Reviews Are Written by Third Graders Spencer Buell Boston Magazine
Feb 02, 2018 Little-tapped Boston contract provision tied to big school improvement Laura Perille CommonWealth magazine
Dec 29, 2017 Charter school founder retires after 24-year run Matthew Stolle Post-Bulletin
Dec 19, 2017 Education Week’s Photos of the Year for 2017 Charles Borst Education Week
Dec 01, 2017 Rotary Club recognzes Santa Barbara Charter School teacher Edhat Santa Barbara
Nov 14, 2017 Give Teachers A Voice in Education Reform Adam Urbanski, Tom Alves & Ellen Bernstein Education Week
Nov 01, 2017 Students Fare Better When Teachers Have a Say, Study Finds Madeline Will Education Week
Oct 26, 2017 Teacher Leadership Is Linked to Higher Student Test Scores in New Study Madeline Will Education Week Teacher
Oct 24, 2017 Washington County charter school opens in the woods in a summer camp setting Kevin Giles Star Tribune
Oct 04, 2017 Increased competition can lead to improved traditional public schools in Minnesota Editorial Board Star Tribune
Sep 26, 2017 A Day With Secretary DeVos- An Insider’s Perspective Deyonne Jackson and Lauren McDaniel Education Evolving Blog
Sep 22, 2017 These 10 high schools are the best in L.A. Unified at getting their graduates to college Sonali Kohli LA Times
Sep 01, 2017 Teacher Leadership is Advocacy Maddie Fennell Education Week
Aug 27, 2017 As the Stillwater district closes schools, a new charter moves in Christopher Magan Twin Cities Pioneer Press
Aug 14, 2017 SCSD3 starts school year without principal Ashleigh Fox The Sheridan Press
Aug 14, 2017 Personalizing Adult Learning Sujata Bhatt Education Week
Aug 04, 2017 Some Top U.S. Educators Went to Finland. Their Big Takeaway: Empower Teachers Madeline Will Education Week
Jul 31, 2017 Teacher leadership to the power of two Sarah Giddings Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Jul 27, 2017 The ROI on teacher leadership Brian Curtin Smart Brief
Jul 20, 2017 Willmar focus of New York theater company that wants to tell town’s story Linda Vanderwerf West Central Tribune
Jul 05, 2017 Why I Teach Where I Teach: To Be a Part of the Solution Sarah Giddings The Education Trust
Jul 04, 2017 Episode 007: Avalon School Interview with Carrie Bakken and Riley Molitor Carrie Bakken and Riley Molitor Shift Your Paradigm, Podcast
May 11, 2017 How This Alternative Learning Environment is Weaving Social-Emotional Skills into Their Learner-Centered Practice Monique Uzelac and Sarah Giddings Education Reimagined
Apr 25, 2017 10 Actions to Build a Culture of Collective Leadership Rebekah Kang Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Apr 18, 2017 In Minnesota and U.S., Teacher-Powered Schools Take Root Madeline Will Education Week
Mar 29, 2017 ‘Where’s My Story?’ Reflecting All Students in Children’s Literature Kathleen Melville Education Week
Mar 24, 2017 In East L.A. Teenagers Tell New Stories About Their Neighborhood And Make Plans For Change Natalie Orenstein Educator Innovator Blog
Mar 06, 2017 Collaborative Leadership in Teacher-Powered Schools Lars Esdal Education Week
Mar 06, 2017 Why your school should be a teacher-powered school Ben Owens Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Mar 01, 2017 Taking care of ourselves and others: Schools can intentionally build cultures that emphasize kindness and calm Lori Nazareno and Alysia Krafel Kappan
Feb 28, 2017 The role of the principal in a teacher-powered school Alysia Krafel Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Feb 24, 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools Open the Doors to Adaptive Solutions Jeff Austin Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Feb 18, 2017 Five Ways Teacher-Powered Schools Use Data Rebekah Kang Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Feb 14, 2017 Collaboration, Not Competition: Charter and District Teacher-Powered Schools Share a Common Purpose Carrie Bakken & Julene Oxton Education Evolving Blog
Feb 12, 2017 Athens Community School gets state grant to drill a water well on school property Doug Harlow, Kennebec Journal, Morning Sentinel
Feb 09, 2017 Can Teachers Outsource Grading? Two Educators Explain What That Looks Like Madeline Will Education Week
Feb 09, 2017 UCLA Community School Showcased Among Nation’s Teacher-Powered Schools: Innovative UCLA K-12 school in Koreatown-Pico-Union co-hosted annual conference on teacher-driven curriculum and governance. Joanie Harmon UCLA ED & IS
Feb 07, 2017 So You Want to Create a Teacher-Powered School? Five Things to Know Wendi Pillars Education Week
Feb 02, 2017 Three Lessons from a Teacher Powered Schools Conference Charles Taylor Kerchner Education Week
Feb 02, 2017 At Second National Conference, Momentum Builds for Teacher-Powered Model Education Evolving Education Evolving Blog
Feb 01, 2017 Getting school choice right: Cultivating student-centered learning in teacher-powered schools Barnett Berry Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Feb 01, 2017 Empowering Students, Empowering Change in School Kim Manning Ursetta Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Jan 23, 2017 ‘The Anger Pushed Me Through’: On Founding a School Nora Fleming Edutopia
Jan 05, 2017 Avalon School: Profile of Their Learning Environment Carrie Baken Pioneering, Education Reimagined
Jan 04, 2017 Seven Key Issues for 2017 Joe Nathan Hometown Source
Jan 01, 2017 Capturing the Spark: Inspired Teaching, Thriving Schools David B. Cohen Book
Dec 08, 2016 Five Minnesota charter schools recognized for innovations Erin Hinrichs MinnPost
Dec 07, 2016 What Forgiveness Means to Students Sarah Giddings Homeroom, Blog of the US Department of Education
Oct 13, 2016 Teacher Leadership for 21st-Century Teaching & Learning​ Kristoffer Kohl, Kim Farris-Berg & Barnett Berry Center for Teaching Quality
Sep 10, 2016 How to Improve Public Education? All of the Above Ted Kolderie Star Tribune
Jul 28, 2016 No More Dramatic Exits: New Tools for Teacher-Powered Schools Carrie Bakken ASCD Express
Jul 25, 2016 What is a teacher-powered school? Josef Donnelly Smart Brief, National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Jul 22, 2016 Teacher-powered schools promote teacher and student success Josef Donnelly Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Jul 21, 2016 SUNY Geneseo to partner with RCSD School No. 19 Anne Saunders Rochester Business Journal
Jun 21, 2016 How Teacher-Powered Schools Work and Why They Matter Barnett Berry & Kim Farris-Berg American Educator, AFT
Jun 15, 2016 Teacher-Powered Schools Use the Power of Motivation to Their Advantage Liz Seubert Education Post
Jun 13, 2016 Can ‘Deeper Learning’ Drive Teacher Power? Charles Taylor Kerchner Education Week
Jun 01, 2016 Ways to Create a Teacher Powered School John Linney Edspiration Podcast
May 26, 2016 Teacher-Powered Innovation: the value of and opportunity for teacher leadership in schools and policy. Jeff Austin Home Room: The Official Blog of the US Department of Education
May 23, 2016 The Best of Both Worlds: Teacher-Powered Meets Community Schools Jennie Carey Rosenbaum Los Angeles Education Partnership
Apr 27, 2016 Let Teachers Design Better Ways to Use School Time Kim Farris-Berg Huffington Post
Mar 16, 2016 7 Qualities That Promote Teacher Leadership in Schools Katrina Schwartz KQED News
Mar 11, 2016 Teacher leadership & deeper learning for all students Barnett Berry Center for Teaching Quality
Mar 04, 2016 Teachers Should Have the Option of Working in Teacher-Led Schools Tom Vander Ark Getting Smart
Feb 25, 2016 An open letter to school administrators Adam Tilove and Andrea Katzman Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Feb 25, 2016 Trauma Informed Schools–An Essential for Student & Staff Success Lara Kain Huffington Post
Feb 22, 2016 The five secrets that help this high-poverty school succeed Barnett Berry Center for Teaching Quality Blog
Feb 16, 2016 When Teachers Take the Lead Nick Tutolo Education Week
Feb 15, 2016 Why Would a Principal Want to Work in a Teacher-Powered School? Kim Farris-Berg Huffington Post
Jan 12, 2016 There’s No “I” in Teacher Autonomy: It’s Time to Advance a Collective Approach Kim Farris-Berg Huffington Post
Jan 11, 2016 Teacher Autonomy Declined Over Past Decade, New Data Shows Tim Walker NEA Today
Dec 02, 2015 The “Teacher Powered Schools” Initiative Education Talk Radio Pre K-20
Dec 02, 2015 At This Teacher-Led School, Educators Decide What is Best for Students Mary Ellen Flannery NEA Today
Nov 30, 2015 Why teacher-powered schools are picking up momentum Barnett Berry Center for Teaching Quality blog
Nov 11, 2015 Joe Nathan column: District, union and charter advocates agree on teacher-led schools Joe Nathan
Nov 10, 2015 Supporting and Empowering Teachers: The Role of School-Community Partnerships Martin J. Blank, Helen Janc Malone, and Reuben Jacobson Huffington Post
Oct 13, 2015 To Address Teacher Shortages, Create Conditions for Educators to Thrive Katrina Boone Education Week
Sep 17, 2015 MPS’ ALBA School recognized by the White House as a Bright Spot in Hispanic Education Laura Langemo FOX6 News
Aug 30, 2015 Nashville schools seek balance in teacher retention, recruitment Jason Gonzales The Tennessean
Aug 28, 2015 How to attract more new teachers Ben MacKenzie MinnPost
Aug 18, 2015 My First Year at a Teacher-Led School Kathleen Melville Education Week
Aug 13, 2015 In Vergara’s Wake, A New Role for Unions Kim Farris-Berg Huffington Post
Jul 27, 2015 10 Things I’ve Learned While Talking Cage-Busting Rick Hess Education Week
Jul 12, 2015 Autonomy and stability key for Boston Public Schools The Editorial Board The Boston Globe
Jun 17, 2015 Heads Roll At HSC Paul Bass New Haven Independent
Jun 13, 2015 Autonomy attracts quality Editorial The Gazette
Jun 12, 2015 The new Mill City High will be unlike any other school in Minneapolis Beth Hawkins MinnPost
May 26, 2015 Documentary by former Colorado Springs educator aims to ‘bring back trust of teachers’ Debbie Kelley The Gazette
May 26, 2015 A Seed Dream: Finding the Vision for Chrysalis Charter School Alysia Krafel Center for Teaching Quality Blog
May 26, 2015 Cage-busting the way to the Social Justice Humanitas Academy Frederick M. Hess American Enterprise Institute
May 25, 2015 How teachers can make school rules work for them Frederick M. Hess American Enterprise Institute
May 20, 2015 Teachers Take the Helm of Rural Maine School Jackie Mader Education Week
May 18, 2015 Teachers in Maine School Decide to Go Ahead and Run the Place Anthony Rebora Education Week
May 16, 2015 Athens school to explore teacher-led model instead of having principal Rachel Ohm Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel
May 05, 2015 Happy Teacher Appreciation Week: Give teachers the gift of positive psychology and empower them. Patty O'Grady, Ph.D. Psychology Today
Apr 23, 2015 What’s the Future for District Teacher Empowerment? Deborah Meier Education Week
Apr 23, 2015 Trusting Our Students David B. Cohen Education Week
Apr 22, 2015 Transforming Teaching and Learning: 7 Steps Toward Creating a ‘Teacher-Powered’ School Lori Nazareno Education Week
Apr 22, 2015 Happiness, Collaboration and Dedication: What It’s Like to Teach at a Teacher-Powered School David Briley Education Post
Apr 21, 2015 Why So Few Opportunities to Create New District Schools? Joe Nathan Education Week
Apr 21, 2015 Let teachers take the reins on charter schools Robert Maranto The Arizona Republic
Apr 16, 2015 When Should Teachers Have Opportunities to Create New Schools? Deborah Meier Education Week
Apr 15, 2015 Joe Nathan Column: Union, corporate leaders agree on new education idea Joe Nathan
Apr 15, 2015 How to become a cage-busting teacher Frederick M. Hess American Enterprise Institute
Apr 14, 2015 Wise Bill Gives District Teachers Money to Help Start New Schools Joe Nathan Education Week
Apr 13, 2015 New Poll Challenges Union Stance on Tenure Charles Taylor Kerchner Education Week
Apr 08, 2015 The Atlanta Cheating Scandal and Motivation Theory Phylis Hoffman Education Week
Apr 03, 2015 Holding charter schools back Mike Chalupa, Bobbi Macdonald The Baltimore Sun
Mar 18, 2015 How to start new school programs as a teacher Frederick M. Hess American Enterprise Institute
Mar 04, 2015 What it takes for teachers to lead Rick Hess American Enterprise Institute
Mar 01, 2015 Accountability will set teachers free Frederick M. Hess American Enterprise Institute
Feb 27, 2015 When Teachers Share a Vision, They Do Great Things Jeff Austin Education Week
Feb 25, 2015 Honing the Tools of Teacher Leadership: Teamwork and Creativity Katrina Boone Education Week
Feb 21, 2015 21st Century Skills: Danger and Free-range Schooling Kim Worth Center for Teachng Quality, Blog
Feb 18, 2015 What It’s Like to Teach in a Teacher-Led School Carrie Bakken Education Week
Feb 12, 2015 Teacher-Led Schools: They’re Here And More Are On the Way Brenda Alvarez NEA Today
Feb 03, 2015 Wanted: Uber-Ized Education Jason Bedrick and Lindsey Burke The Federalist
Jan 16, 2015 To improve schools, let teachers run them David Osborne Washington Post
Jan 15, 2015 Wise & Woeful School Choice Plans Joe Nathan Education Week
Jan 15, 2015 A Country Where Teachers Have a Voice Sarah Butrymowicz The Atlantic
Jan 13, 2015 Portland schools eye new evaluation system for principals Colin Ellis The Forecaster
Jan 12, 2015 Another Voice: We need to begin trusting our teachers again Michael Fisher The Buffalo News
Jan 04, 2015 Palo Alto Teacher Finds Creative Schools on Tour David Cohen NPR: The California Report
Dec 29, 2014 The Potentail of Teacher Leadership Katie Brown Coach Katie, blog
Dec 17, 2014 For States Creating Teacher Policies, a Suggestion: Talk to Teachers Jeff Austin Education Week
Dec 15, 2014 Why teachers should be sceptical of a new College of Teaching Howard Stevenson The Conversation
Dec 10, 2014 The 4 Qualities of My Dream School Bill Tolley Education Week
Dec 09, 2014 College of Teaching to raise profession’s status College of Teaching to raise profession's status BBC News
Dec 08, 2014 At long last, teachers are set to become high-status professionals Nicky Morgan and David Laws The Guardian
Nov 30, 2014 Do Schools Really Need Principals? Peter DeWitt Education Week
Nov 13, 2014 Teacher-Powered Pilot Schools Face Obstacles Kim Farris-Berg and Kristoffer Kohl Education Week
Nov 11, 2014 Charter School Backed by the Teachers Union Is Still Struggling Leslie Brody Wall Street Journal
Nov 11, 2014 Bold Innovations Emerging at L.A. Unified’s Teacher-Powered Schools Kim Farris-Berg and Kristoffer Kohl Education Week
Nov 10, 2014 Teachers Design and Run L.A. Unified ‘Pilot’ Schools Kim Farris-Berg and Kristoffer Kohl Education Week
Nov 07, 2014 Do Schools Really Need Principals? Matt Collette Slate
Oct 15, 2014 What Happens When Teachers Are at the Helm of a School? Matt Collette WNYC, New York Public Radio
Oct 07, 2014 Teacher-Run Schools Flourish Nationwide Kassondra Granata Education World
Oct 07, 2014 What can the U.S. learn from Sweden’s declining scores? Allie Gross Education Dive
Oct 06, 2014 A good choice? S.H. The Economist
Oct 06, 2014 How to Improve Literacy and Numeracy Skills (and Scores if You Care About Such Things) Misha Abarbanel Huffington Post
Oct 05, 2014 5 Reasons Leaders Need to Encourage Teacher Voice Peter DeWitt Education Week
Oct 02, 2014 John Deasy’s Future Times Editorial Board Los Angeles Times
Oct 01, 2014 Social Innovation From the Inside Out Warren Nilsson & Tana Paddock Stanford Social Innovation Review
Oct 01, 2014 High school program keeps kids on track Peter Lindblad Waunakee Tribune
Sep 30, 2014 Inside a Teacher-Led Charter School Halley Potter The Century Foundation
Sep 29, 2014 Fonseca Teachers Taking the Lead Michael Gagne The Herald News
Sep 29, 2014 How Can We Make Teaching a Career We Want for Our Kids? Holly Kragthorpe Huffington Post
Sep 28, 2014 Deasy’s impatience threatens to overshadow LAUSD achievments Jim Newton Los Angeles Times
Sep 25, 2014 And the Teachers Shall Lead Gretchen Sage-Martinson, Carrie Bakken, Nora Whalen Teach to Lead
Sep 22, 2014 Teacher-Run School Makes Stunning Progress in Lawrence, MA AFT You Tube
Sep 19, 2014 A School Without Principals? Yes, Really Allie Bidwell US News & World Report
Sep 19, 2014 Reconnecting with the original charter idea Michael Diedrich Twin Cities Daily Planet
Sep 16, 2014 With 80 minutes of new teacher training each week, schools set out to see what works Patrick Wall Chalkbeat
Sep 14, 2014 Reader Comment: The Task of Recruiting Teachers in Idaho Rob Waite Magic Valley
Sep 12, 2014 Liberating Indianapolis Schools From District Control Al Hubbard Wall Street Journal
Sep 12, 2014 Virtual School Puts the Power of Basic Education Back into the Hands of Every Learner, Teacher and Parent in South Africa Business Wire VB News
Sep 09, 2014 Vergara v. California highlights the need for a teacher-powered educational strategy Carrie Bakken Hechinger Report
Sep 09, 2014 Inspiring teachers say they lack the freedom to excel Richard Garner The Independent
Sep 08, 2014 Q&A: Dana Goldstein, Author, ‘The Teacher Wars’ Eric Westervelt Texas Public Radio
Sep 06, 2014 Why Teacher-led? – Cairns #78 Paul Krafel Nourishing Upward Spirals
Sep 05, 2014 What if teachers were charged with setting school direction? MindShift
Sep 02, 2014 A Lesson In How Teachers Became ‘Resented And Idealized’ Northern Public Radio Northern Public Radio
Aug 30, 2014 The original charter school vision Richard Kahlenberg & Halley Potter New York Times
Aug 29, 2014 Carrot and sticks are the wrong way to motivate teachers Michael Fullan Globe and Mail
Aug 29, 2014 Support teachers, don’t rewrite tenure rules Betty Weller Baltimore Sun
Aug 22, 2014 Harvard Expert Questions Teachers’ Readiness for Teacher-Led Schools Anthony Rebora Education Week
Aug 20, 2014 Teacher-powered schools and teacher leadership Jelmer Evers CTQ
Aug 19, 2014 Making The Case for Teacher-Led Classrooms State Impact NPR, Ohio
Aug 19, 2014 Morning Video: “Teacher-Led” Schools Increase Retention (But Not Test Scores) Alexander Russo Scholastic
Aug 19, 2014 Teacher Led Schools and Teacher Leadership on Newshour Jelmer Evers Jelmer Evers
Aug 19, 2014 What happens when teachers run schools? Charles Taylor Kerchner Education Week
Aug 18, 2014 Would greater independence for teachers result in higher student performance? John Tulenko PBS Newshour
Aug 18, 2014 Tony interviewed for PBS NewsHour segment on teacher-led schools Tony Wagner Tony Wagner Blog
Aug 05, 2014 After surge in LAUSD autonomy school growth slowing Yana Gracile LA School Report
Jul 28, 2014 Teaching Teaching Joe Nocera New York Times
Jul 23, 2014 5 Ways Teacher-Powered Schools Are Transforming American Public Education Kim Farris-Berg Huffington Post
Jul 21, 2014 Between Passion and Possibility: Creating My Dream School Kim Worth CTQ
Jul 11, 2014 Innovation schools catch one James Vaznis Boston Globe
Jul 09, 2014 Joe Nathan Column: Award-winning teacher says teachers are ‘the decisive element’ in schools Joe Nathan Hometown Source
Jul 08, 2014 Are “Teacher Professional Partnerships” a viable career ladder option? Angel Cintron Jr. EdCentrist
Jul 07, 2014 Making the grade: teacher-powered schools Making the Grade NECN
Jul 07, 2014 A whole new world Heidi Givens Heidi's Take on Deaf Education
Jun 30, 2014 Educators, leaders join forces to spruce up two local schools Monique Collins Chalkbeat Colorado
Jun 27, 2014 If teachers ran the schools, what would be different? Claudia Rowe Education Lab Blog, Seattle Times
Jun 25, 2014 Shared Power Creates School Success Carrie Bakken Education Week
Jun 25, 2014 Real Education Reform Requires Teacher Autonomy Cheryl Suliteanu Education Week
Jun 24, 2014 Teachers in Charge: We Got This! Kim Ursetta Education Week
Jun 24, 2014 Principals: Advocate for Your Teachers Ayla Gavins Education Week
Jun 24, 2014 Should teachers run schools? Teaching Ahead: A Roundtable Education Week
Jun 24, 2014 Teachers in Charge? Keep Dreaming Matthew Holland Education Week
Jun 23, 2014 A Little ‘Lateral Thinking’ Will Answer the Teacher Quality/Accountability Question Ted Kolderie Education Week
Jun 23, 2014 Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Core Education Core Education
Jun 22, 2014 A teacher’s plea to bosses: Give us ‘time and autonomy to create solutions’ Valerie Strauss Washington Post
Jun 22, 2014 On the edge of a recruitment crisis Helen Ward TES Connect
Jun 17, 2014 CTQ Chat: Teacher-Powered Schools Marcia Powell CTQ
Jun 17, 2014 The Center for Teaching Quality presents Teacher Powered Schools Lori Nazzareno Blog Talk Radio
Jun 06, 2014 Focus on Teachers: Lori Nazareno, Teachers Leading Schools Vicki Phillips Impatient Optimists, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Jun 04, 2014 Education Evolving Report: Teacher-Powered Schools: Generating Lasting Impact Through Common Sense Innovation NCTAF
Jun 03, 2014 Report backs autonomy for schools in Boston James Vaznis Boston Globe
Jun 03, 2014 Why the New Teachers’ Contract Is Great News for NYC’s Students Greg Anrig Century Foundation
May 30, 2014 Masters of Our Own Ships Ariel Sacks CTQ
May 28, 2014 Resources on teacher-led schools John Boutet SW Location 19
May 27, 2014 At Avalon School in St. Paul, teachers call the shots Christopher Magan Pioneer Press
May 27, 2014 Teachers Clash With Union Prez Over Turnaround Melissa Bailey New Haven Independent
May 23, 2014 On the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers Collective Bargaining Agreement CTQ
May 22, 2014 Teacher-Powered Schools The Teachers Edition
May 22, 2014 Teacher-Powered Schools: 14 Areas of Collective Autonomy School Redesign CTQ
May 22, 2014 We Need a Strong Alliance for Schools Deborah Meier Education Week
May 21, 2014 Interest grows in schools where teachers run the show Tom Chorneau Cabinet Report
May 20, 2014 What a teacher-powered school looks like Tina Barseghian MindShift
May 20, 2014 Duncan praises Denver’s teacher evaluation system at national reporting conference Nicholas Garcia Chalbeat Colorado
May 20, 2014 Last Bell: White House Talent Show, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Continues Push into Online Education, Questions Raised about Indiana’s Data Initiative, and Teacher-powered Classrooms Zack Sampson Learning Lab
May 19, 2014 First look: Teachers take the reins — A little college debate never hurt nobody – Ranking rural priorities — New plan for Newark schools Caitlin Emma Politico
May 19, 2014 Americans call for stepping up the teaching profession – Collaborating for attainment – CCDBG passage as easy as A, B, C Caitlin Emma Politico
May 19, 2014 Michaud: Idea could ease bitter education fight Anne Michaud Newsday
May 19, 2014 Today: Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Launches Lars Johnson Education Evolving
May 14, 2014 Teacher-Powered Schools: Generating Lasting Impact through Common Sense Innovation School Redesign CTQ
May 12, 2014 National leaders find power of teacher autonomy at MSLA CEA What Works Colorado Education Association
May 05, 2014 From ‘Trusting Teachers’ to Organizing Around Quality Charles Taylor Kerchner Education Week
May 01, 2014 Putting Teachers in the Driver’s Seat Intel & Insights Communications Strategy Group
Apr 27, 2014 Autonomy of local schools uncertain ahead of state changes Ethan Barton Cecil Whig
Apr 21, 2014 Rochester Teachers Propose SOTA-style elementary School Justin Murphy Democrat & Chronicle
Apr 14, 2014 Rhode Island Governor Chafee Announces Educator Autonomy Working Group CTQ
Apr 14, 2014 Vision Quest Community School May Provide an Answer to Charters Rochester Subway
Apr 08, 2014 Idaho Task Force Talks Mastery-based Education, Autonomy vs. Accountability Katie Terhune Associated Press
Apr 03, 2014 MPS didn’t really want successful teacher-led schools e-Democracy forum e-Democracy
Apr 01, 2014 Teachers Lead the Way in Denver Lori Nazzareno Phi Delta Kappan
Apr 01, 2014 A Different Model for School Success: Empower Teachers Kim Farris-Berg Phi Delta Kappan
Apr 01, 2014 CTQ authors appear in Phi Delta Kappan CTQ CTQ
Apr 01, 2014 On unions and the future of the teaching profession Barnett Berry CTQ
Mar 30, 2014 Minneapolis Public Schools not ready for teacher-led school? Sarah Lahm TC Daily Planet
Mar 30, 2014 Open or closed: What happened to Pierre Bottineau French Immersion School? Sarah Lahm Twin Cities Daily Planet
Mar 30, 2014 Despite hard work, lack of resources cripples Pierre Bottineau Sarah Lahm Twin Cities Daily Planet
Mar 30, 2014 What’s next for Pierre Bottineau French Immersion School? Sarah Lahm Twin Cities Daily Planet
Mar 27, 2014 Arne Duncan’s Forgotten Enthusiasm for Trusting Teachers Curtis Johnson Governing
Mar 26, 2014 The education riddle we must solve now Barnett Berry CTQ
Mar 21, 2014 Accountability and the Modern Teachers’ Union Marc Tucker Education Week
Mar 21, 2014 researchED UK: Teachers are doin’ it for themselves Tom Bennett TES Connect
Mar 21, 2014 Teacher Led/Partnership Schools GPS Network
Mar 20, 2014 Maine Statute: An Act To Develop a Grant Program To Establish a Teacher-powered School Model CTQ
Mar 20, 2014 Will Arne Duncan leave a legacy of teacher leadership? Barnett Berry CTQ
Mar 19, 2014 Teacher-led schools conference comes to St. Paul Sarah Lahm Twin Cities Daily Planet
Mar 18, 2014 Superintendent candidate on stump Cathy Spaulding Muskogee Phoenix
Mar 17, 2014 Lesson from NBCT: Teachers are ready to lead CTQ Smart Brief
Mar 14, 2014 Teach to Lead: Advancing Teacher Leadership Arne Duncan US Dept of Education
Mar 12, 2014 We Can’t Just Say ‘No’: Teachers Unions Must Lead Change Paul Toner Real Clear Education
Mar 11, 2014 Despite blackout, teacher contract details revealed Steve Brandt Star Tribune
Mar 10, 2014 Can Teachers Run Their Own Schools? Tales from the Islands of Teacher Cooperatives Kerchner, Mulfinger CTQ
Feb 26, 2014 New Survey: Teachers Say Their Voices Aren’t Being Heard Emily Richmond Education Writers Association
Feb 26, 2014 Wait, What? Educators Highly Satisfied With Classroom Autonomy, Morale Tim Walker NEA Today
Feb 11, 2014 Believing is Seeing Lori Nazareno CTQ
Feb 05, 2014 Yes, teacher morale really is low — despite a report to the contrary Valerie Strauss Washington Post
Feb 01, 2014 Union/Teacher Led School (UTLS) PGCEA PGCEA
Jan 27, 2014 Teachers Feel Like They Have a Voice in Schools? Says Who? Kim Farris-Berg Education Week
Jan 26, 2014 Imagining a Different Path: Charting a course for Teacher-led schools – Educon – Room 207 EduCon You Tube
Jan 24, 2014 Event: teacher-led schools hands on conference Robert Wedl Education Evolving
Jan 23, 2014 For Teachers Seeking More Autonomy: Have You Tried North Dakota? Ross Brenneman Education Week
Jan 23, 2014 Imagining a Different Path: Charting a course for Teacher-led schools Chris Angelini, Jessie Gluck, Annie Huynh EduCon
Jan 01, 2014 Colorado: Where Everyone is a Learner, Teacher, and Leader NEA NEA
Dec 27, 2013 The invisibility of teachers Valerie Strauss Washington Post
Dec 20, 2013 CTQ School Redesign Webinar Series CTQ CTQ
Dec 19, 2013 My Best Education Reads of 2013 Kristoffer Kohl CTQ
Dec 19, 2013 Portland startup Treehouse eliminates the boss, tells workers to manage themselves Mike Rogoway Oregonian
Dec 16, 2013 How to “Bake” Intrinsic Motivation: A Holiday Recipe for Your Classroom or School Kim Farris-Berg Education Week
Dec 13, 2013 PISA On the Teacher as Professional Marc Tucker Education Week
Dec 10, 2013 Don’t Manage Talent by Remote Control Michael DeArmond, Center on Reinventing Publis Education University of Washington
Dec 09, 2013 Follow the Leader with Sam Chaltain – A Day in the Life of Montgomery County, MD Superintendent Josh Starr David Matters Learning Matters, PBS News Hour
Dec 08, 2013 Teachers know the real reasons corporate-sponsored reform isn’t working. It’s time we heard teacher-generated solutions that will help our kids succeed Hear Our Teachers You Tube
Dec 07, 2013 Can’t We Do Better? Thomas Friedman New York Times
Dec 04, 2013 Insight from Eric Premack on education policy and chartering in California Ted Kolderie Education Evolving
Dec 03, 2013 Educator Autonomy Project kicks off with first Working Group meeting Rhode Island Dept of Education
Dec 03, 2013 High Performance Is Not a Function of Accountability Alone Dirkswager & Farris-Berg Education Week
Dec 03, 2013 High Performance Is Not a Function of Accountability Alone Sam Chaltain Education Week
Nov 19, 2013 United Federation of Teachers charter schools are a tale of two cities Tanay Warerkar, Reuven Blau New York Daily News
Nov 02, 2013 Reimagine, rather than patch, Boston schools Michael Contompasis Boston Globe
Oct 30, 2013 Teaching in Chartering: The Freedom to Be Better Ember Reichgott Junge Huffington Post
Oct 28, 2013 Why Teachers Are Fed Up and Burned Out Walt Gardner Education Week
Oct 25, 2013 Opening Classrooms with Teacher-Led Learning Communities McCarthey Dressman Education Foundation
Oct 23, 2013 Are Teacher-led Schools Viable? Christopher Wooleyhand Common Sense School Leadership
Oct 22, 2013 The Ofsted Stockholm syndrome Alex Quigley Gaurdian
Oct 18, 2013 The Public Trusts Teachers. . . To Do What Exactly? Kim Farris-Berg Education Week
Oct 18, 2013 Why Do Teachers Quit? Liz Riggs Atlantic
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