Resources for Educators


Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School

A step-by-step resources to use in launching a new teacher-powered school, including a handful of tips and resources for each step.

Collaborative Leadership for Thriving Teams: A Guide for Teacher-Powered Site Administrators

Use this guide to learn from the knowledge and skills of expert teacher-powered administrators, as well as reflect individually and as a team on what is best for your school.

Lessons from the Innovators: Discussion Starters for Creating a Teacher-Powered School

Offering lessons learned and tips from the innovators in existing teacher-powered schools, these interactive resources featuring sets of discussion questions for teacher teams to take up as a group.

Core Publications


Teacher-Powered Schools Flyer

An overview of key facts, figures, and information about teacher-powered schools. Updated 2022.

Evidence for Teacher-Powered Schools: A Practical Route to Better and More Equitable Student Outcomes

This paper makes the case to grow the teacher-powered movement through a review of academic research and a deep dive on several teacher-powered schools.

Teacher-Powered Practices: How Teacher Teams Collaboratively Lead and Create Student-Centered Schools

The guide identifies nine common practices used at teacher-powered schools, and includes examples written by teacher-powered leaders who describe what the practice looks like at their site.


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