Why Teacher-Powered?

February 2024 • Core Publications

A theory of change for teacher-powered schools: Get to know how teacher-powered schools work, and see evidence for how they improve student and educator outcomes.

Understanding Teacher Retention at Teacher-Powered Schools

August 2023 • Core Publications

Exploratory research showing a much lower share of teachers leave teacher-powered schools than they do schools nationwide.

Change Management Guide

June 2023 • Educator Resources

A guide to leading and empowering site-based change that spurs student and educator growth.

Yeah, But FAQ

May 2023 • Core Publications

Misconceptions about teacher-powered schools lead to a lot of the same questions. This flyer answers those "yeah, but" questions and dispels the myths behind them.

Escuela Verde Virtual Site Visit

March 2023 • Videos

Strategies for Successful Collaboration and Shared Leadership Structures

February 2023 • Videos

A 5-session virtual workshop series on collaborative leadership in teacher-powered schools.