Teacher-Powered Practices for Student-Centered Community Schools

July 2024 • Educator Resources

Student-centered community schools are intentionally designed to align community partnerships, services, enrichment programs, and classroom learning around students’ strengths, hopes, and dreams. Foundational elements of student-centered community schools are collaborative leadership structures, teacher leadership, collective decision-making processes, and design-thinking. These elements result in collective identity, ownership, and agency of everyone in the school community especially students and families.

Change Management Guide

June 2023 • Educator Resources

A guide to leading and empowering site-based change that spurs student and educator growth.

Teacher-Powered Teams Survey

March 2022 • Educator Resources

Assess your team’s skills in governing your school—taking inventory of team strengths and identifying areas for growth.

Equity in Student-Centered Learning Design

January 2022 • Educator Resources

Tips, stand-out examples, and discussion questions to help your team identify immediate and enduring design changes to realize equity across your school.

Collaborative Leadership for Thriving Teams: A Guide for Teacher-Powered Site Administrators

October 2019 • Educator Resources

Expert administrators at teacher-powered schools share tips and lessons learned, as well as discussion questions for you and your team to reflect on what is best for your school.

Teacher-Powered School Site Visit Guide

May 2018 • Educator Resources

Ideas for questions for your team to ask and protocols to follow when visiting another teacher-powered school.

Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School

January 2016 • Educator Resources

A step-by-step resources to use in launching a new teacher-powered school, including a handful of tips and resources for each step.

Sample Documents: A Collection

January 2016 • Educator Resources

A collection of sample documents from teacher-powered schools, including decision-making procedures, organizational structures, school proposals, and more.

Lessons from the Innovators: Discussion Starters for Creating a Teacher-Powered School

October 2015 • Educator Resources

Interactive resources featuring sets of lessons learned, tips, and discussion questions for teacher teams to take up as a group.