Developing a 30,000-foot vision

Teacher-powered teams keep students at the center of decision-making starting in the design phase. This is essential in ensuring that your school is student-centered. In the Forming stage, it’s likely that your team is starting to shape a 30,000-foot, big-picture vision of what your school will look and be like. Thinking about the school from the perspective of students can help guide this vision.

Design questions to ask:

  • What are the specific needs of the students who will attend the school?
  • What will students experience during the school day?
  • What will the learning program and instructional approach be?
  • How does that approach align with student needs?
  • How will students experience teaching and learning?
  • How will teachers work together to manage and lead the school?
  • How will these choices impact students and teachers?


Developing a 30,000-foot vision

A Seed Dream: Finding the Vision for Chrysalis Charter School

Commentary. Alysia Krafel documents the story of how she and her husband, Paul Krafel, created a big-picture vision for the teacher-powered Chrysalis Charter School and, step by step, made it a reality.

Designing Schools for Students

Discussion Guide. How the Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy in Denver, CO was designed.

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