Improving how your team’s shared purpose is used in decision making

It’s one thing to create a shared purpose. It’s another to get new team members to take ownership of that shared purpose and use it as a basis for decision making.

What are some ways your team can intentionally make use of its shared purpose in decision making? For example, when some teams meet, they relate each item on their agenda to the team’s shared purpose. If the item is not clearly related, it is dropped from the agenda. Other teams boldly paint their shared purpose on the school walls as a reminder for their day-to-day work. Many teams evaluate potential candidates for their capacity to commit to the established shared purpose.


Improving how your team's shared purpose is used in decision making

Trusting Teachers with School Success: What Happens When Teachers Call the Shots, Chapter 4

Book. Chapter 4 describes how teacher-powered schools create shared purposes that focus on students as individuals and then use those shared purposes as the basis of decision making.

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