Laura Jeffrey Academy

1550 Summit Avenue - St. Paul MN - 55105
Type of autonomy arrangement: Leadership Goodwill
Basic Profile

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Determine learning program
Set school-level policy
Determine professional development
Determine authorizer assessments
Determine state assessments


Select colleagues
Evaluate colleagues
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine tenure policy
Select leaders


Determine school budget
Set staff pattern
Determine compensation
Determine teacher workday
Set schedule
Teacher Authority Is...
De Jure and De Facto

Members of a design team (open to all staff) worked to create our current organizational structure. The board of directors approved. The current leadership team and leadership structure was adopted during the 2018-2019 school year. The leadership team is comprised of three licensed teachers and two administrative/support staff (two additional members will join the team during the 2019-20 school year). All staff members serve on one of three educator-powered committees: Curriculum and Instruction, School Culture and Family and Community Relations. With each year of implementation, we work to increase the number of people at decision making tables to further share responsibility, power and autonomies.

About the Learning Program

Laura Jeffrey Academy (LJA), is a Twin Cities tuition free charter middle school offering a unique STEM-focused, girl-focused educational experience, grades 5 – 8. Students learn through rigorous study, by asking questions, solving problems, and participating in the community. LJA’s interdisciplinary learning and teaching model provides students with the experiences and skills that result in academic and personal success – students who are critical thinkers and leaders.