Individual schools in this group include:

Odyssey Elementary School

Odyssey Elementary puts a 21st-century spin on a one-room schoolhouse. Our K-5 students learn in a mixed-grade, collaborative, open space where they are engaged in standards-driven instruction and hands-on, project-based learning under the guidance of our teacher leads. Rather than being separated into learning groups based on their grade, students receive instruction based on their […]


Our Mission Our mission is to graduate proficient, confident, and respectful young scholars with the educational and social skills necessary to compete in our ever-changing world. Our Goals Grow into confident, productive members of society. Stay in school, learn new skills/concepts, and graduate. Practice respect, responsibility, and self-awareness in our daily lives. Become hardworking, critical […]

Shalom High School

The mission of Shalom High School is to allow at-risk students an opportunity to earn high school diplomas and to prepare students to be productive, successful adults, good citizens, and to become responsible mature members of their communities. Our vision is that ultimately all students who leave Shalom High School will possess the necessary skills […]

The Brooklyn Transition Center P373K

The Brooklyn Transition Center is located in Bed- Stuy Brooklyn and part of the New York City Department of Education. The BTC serves students ages 13 – 21 with profound developmental disabilities, including Autism, Down Syndrome, Emotional disturbance, and Intellectual Disabilities. Each of our students has an Individual Education Plan (IEP) and 37% are English […]

Baldwin Hills Elementary Pilot & Gifted High Ability Magnet

School Motto: Anchored and grounded in strengths from our past, poised and ready to soar. Opening Statement of School Mission: The mission of Baldwin Hills Elementary Pilot and Gifted/High Ability Magnet, a culturally and linguistically diverse community, is to work in partnership with the children, families, and community we serve in order to provide a […]

School of Social Justice

EDUCATE Graduates of The School of Social Justice experience a unique education that is both academically rigorous and personalized. In addition to California Content State Standards and university requirements, the SSJ curriculum utilizes inquiry-based instruction and higher-level questioning and thinking. At the center of the school’s curricular design is service learning that encourages students to […]

The Academic Leadership Learning Community School for Advanced Studies

The ALC Vision The Academic Leadership Community (ALC) believes that a healthy intersection of rigorous academics, leadership opportunities and a nurturing community will empower our students to reach their academic and professional potential. Thus, we declare our vision and purpose to be: Providing a rigorous, college preparatory curriculum and encouraging lifelong learning, cultivating each student’s […]

Bancroft Elementary School

Bancroft Elementary provides all students with an excellent academic foundation as creative and critical thinkers who are empowered to act responsibly with respect for self, community, and the world. Bancroft fosters: An environment where learning is active. Students are engaged in authentic inquiry based, hands-on learning. A community of learners. We value collaboration, culture, equity, […]

Ambassador School of Global Leadership

Ambassador School of Global Leadership (ASGL) is a teacher-powered LAUSD pilot school located in Los Angeles. ASGL is one of six pilot schools co-located on the Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools site. The school was founded by a team of teachers in 2010. Facing teacher layoffs and leadership turnovers During their first few years, ASGL […]

Ambassador School of Global Education

Our Mission: The Ambassador School of Global Education nurtures children, helping them experience success in academic and social settings with an appreciation of the various cultures, languages, and communities around the world. Our Vision: Regardless of a child’s background, cultural experiences, and family history, all children have access to educational experiences that present opportunities to […]

The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers

The Urban Assembly School for Green Careers recognizes that overcoming our planet’s environmental challenges is the biggest task facing the world today. We understand that as our economy becomes more green, many of the future’s most promising careers will focus on solving the challenges of environmental injustice, and in ensuring equitable access to quality living […]

Athens Community School

Athens Community School is a small rural K-8 school that transitioned to teacher-powered in 2015.

Tri-County Early College

Tri-County Early College focuses on project-based learning, STEM-focused learning activities, competency-based assessment, experiential hands-on activities, college courses, 21st century skills, Tony Wagner’s survival skills, college visitation experiences each year, trust levels that require students to take responsibility for their own learning, and a service learning component requiring students to achieve 100 hours of volunteer work […]

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies

Inspired by the power of collaboration, the Lab School challenges students to soar intellectually and to act bravely in our complex world community. In living our mission, we: Embrace students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a passion for learning Provide a full inclusion program that celebrates the gifts of all students Nourish each student socially, […]

PROSE Schools

There are currently over 180 PROSE schools in New York City. While all of them are collaborative not all are teacher-powered. We are in the process of working with PROSE leaders to identify the teacher-powered PROSE schools. Conservatively, we estimate that there are 80 plus teacher-powered PROSE schools and quite possibly many more.

STEM Center at Davie County High School

Within the North Carolina Common Core and Essential Standards that was implemented in 2012-2013 across the state, the Davie High STEM Center curriculum will emphasize connections within and between the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and all humanities classes including the arts. integrate technology in meaningful, powerful ways. introduce and engage students in the […]

International Community High School

International Community High School aims to provide a quality education for a diverse population of recently arrived immigrants that will allow them to develop linguistic, cognitive and cultural skills necessary for success in high school, college and beyond. Within our diverse community, fluency in a language other than English is an asset that is celebrated. […]

Building 21 Philadelphia

Building 21 Philadelphia is a non-selective competency-based high school in the School District of Philadelphia. It is a new secondary model that seeks to facilitate an authentic learning experience that will address the unique social and academic needs of all learners. The B21 Ferguson team will work closely with members of the local and school […]

Woods Learning Center

Woods promotes academics, creativity, and community taught by teams with a student to teacher ratio of 18:1. Instruction focuses on the whole child. Individual student choices are part of an enriched curriculum for all students to encourage creative thinking and problem solving. Problem based learning is an integral component of our philosophy.

Impact Academy

Four Design Features Impact Academy at Orchard Lake Elementary is where learning is personalized, embedded in real life inquiry and impacts communities. Our vision is to create a personalized learning environment where all students are taught at their instructional level of learning in the areas reading, writing and math. Students and teachers together design an […]

Los Angeles High School of the Arts

Los Angeles High School of the Arts offers rigorous classes in theatre, dance and technical theatre; provide opportunities for students to be involved in our season of dramatic performances; and create opportunities for students to observe and work with professionals in the performing arts community.

Academy of Medical Arts

The Academy of Medical Arts values interdisciplinary educational experiences, the democratic process, student voice, shared leadership, community partners, and learning that extends beyond the school walls. Teamwork is a hallmark of our culture. Staff members will regularly reflect and share ideas openly through verbal and written communication. Students will actively participate in school leadership, academic […]

ArTES (Art, Theater, and Entertainment School)

The Art, Theater, and Entertainment School (ArTES) has been granted increased autonomy by LAUSD to inspire and celebrate innovation. ArTES employs the power of technology to engage learning, and every student here has an iPad. ArTES is a school that develops meaningful relationships between students and educators, holds high expectations, values creativity and inquiry, provides […]

East LA Renaissance Academy

ELARA is a Pilot School, an innovative model developed in a collaboration of LAUSD, UTLA, and the LA Small Schools Center. It is a result of LAUSD’s Public School Choice program, year one, and won its place at Torres in a public competition. The campus itself is the result of years of community activism, and […]

Social Justice Humanitas Academy

In the Social Justice Humanitas Academy, we treat each of our students as individuals, and we teach to their diverse learning needs. We prepare each and every one of our students to get to and through college, in an effort to increase their social capital. Our curriculum combines the lessons from the past, with the […]

Workshop School

At the core of everything we do at the Workshop is project work. Projects must address a problem that is important to both the student and to society, and they must result in work that can be evaluated using real-world standards. While in the lower grades (9-10) teachers play a more prominent role in designing […]

Boston Teachers Union School

The BTU School teaches a broad curriculum, with a focus on integrated, thematic units. Students receive instruction in English, mathematics, science, history, geography, Spanish language, the arts, and physical education.

San Francisco Community School

SFCS is a Small School By Design in which teachers make learning interesting through science-based, challenge-driven projects. Students experience a strong sense of community because they are in multi-age classrooms, they participate in daily class meetings, schoolwide conflict resolution, and a strong and unified adult culture. SFCS prioritizes personalized learning and relationships.

UCLA Community School (UCS)

UCLA Community School is an innovative K-12 learning environment that prepares all students for college, work, and civic participation. The instructional program is community-based, learner-centered, and university-assisted. Building on the strengths of the local neighborhood, the school is bilingual, bi-literate, and multi-cultural. Parents and community members are integral members of the school and their funds […]

Dr. Julian Nava Learning Academy (JNLA)

The mission of JNLA is to nurture students who are intrinsically motivated to prepare themselves for college and their future careers. By integrating relevant thematic units and real world applications through an emphasis on developing artistic talent and exploring multicultural studies, students will understand civic responsibility and the impact they can make on the global […]

Alliance School Milwaukee

The Alliance School was the first school in the nation started with the mission of addressing bullying and helping others to do the same. Founded in 2005, Alliance continues to be a place where it’s “okay to be black, white, gay, straight, Christian, Buddhist, gothic, or just plain unique.” It’s a place where the staff […]

John Greenleaf Whittier Elementary School

Whittier educators use a variety of instructional strategies to teach their students. Our computer technology is kept updated to reflect current trends within society. In addition, each classroom has full access to the Internet as well as other computer programs. Students are able to access information through their very own computer accounts. Our school provides […]

Fenway High School

Teachers develop their own lesson plans, projects and materials to give students “multiple points of entry” to the curriculum. In other words, teachers use different modes of instruction e.g., lecture, project-based learning, small group discussion, individual research and writing so that every student finds a way to engage with the material.

Boston Day and Evening Academy

Both the Day and Evening Academy programs serve over-age students (16-23 years old) who are graduating from middle school unprepared for high school, or who have attended high school, had an unsuccessful or interrupted experience, and are now returning to earn their diploma. Many of these students have significant gaps in their learning, especially in […]

Another Course to College

The curriculum in all academic courses is rigorous, and designed to prepare students for four-year colleges. Classes are heterogeneously grouped and the academic expectations are the same for all students. Students have the option of taking any course as an Honors course by meeting additional requirements that include additional work and/or taking additional exams or […]

Hughes STEM High School

At the Hughes STEM High School, we have embraced the view that academic content should not be taught in isolation. Students will be immersed in rich, meaningful, STEM experiences through interdisciplinary coursework applied in the context of the real world through business and community partnerships. In these workplace experiences, students will not only learn to […]

Howard C. Reiche Community School

Our learning program follows district initiatives and includes differentiated instruction across all subject areas to accommodate our diverse learners.

Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy

Science, technology, and mathematics. Teachers have elected to use the district adopted curriculum and are able to modify it for their needs (they have a Science, Technology, and Math focus).

Boston Arts Academy

To be a true artist, one must also be a scholar. The academic curricula at Boston Arts Academy prepare a diverse community of aspiring artist-scholars to be successful in their college or professional careers and to be engaged members of a democratic society. In addition to specializing in one of five arts subject areas: visual […]

Academia de Lenguaje y Bellas Artes (ALBA)

The ALBA curriculum integrates fine arts and creative writing with emphasis on the Latino contribution and cultural arts. Bilingual school, with Spanish taught first (beginning literacy). In second grade, formal English instruction begins.