Baldwin Hills Elementary Pilot & Gifted High Ability Magnet

5421 Obama Blvd - Los Angeles CA - 90016
Type of autonomy arrangement: Pilot Schools
Basic Profile

Opened In







District - Pilot


Determine learning program
Set school-level policy
Determine professional development
Determine authorizer assessments
Determine state assessments


Select colleagues
Evaluate colleagues
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine tenure policy
Select leaders


Determine school budget
Set staff pattern
Determine compensation
Determine teacher workday
Set schedule
Teacher Authority Is...
De Jure and De Facto

De jure authority is granted to the school governing board via the pilot agreement, which is in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between LAUSD and UTLA. The MOU gives the board authority to make decisions in some areas.

De facto, the governing board transfers this authority to the teachers, who collectively make decisions in areas indicated. In addition to the MOU, teachers collectively write an Elect to Work Agreement (EWA) for their site on an annual basis that outlines the working conditions at the school that are different from those outlined in the collective bargaining agreement between the district and union. For example, they can expand their own work hours, require participation in school events, and expand professional development requirements. This is a means to exercise more autonomy at the school level, at the will of the teachers. Teachers at the site vote on the terms they outline in the EWA, and anyone who does not agree to work under the conditions will enter the district’s hiring pool and default to the working conditions outlined in the existing collective bargaining agreement.

About the Learning Program

School Motto: Anchored and grounded in strengths from our past, poised and ready to soar.

Opening Statement of School Mission: The mission of Baldwin Hills Elementary Pilot and Gifted/High Ability Magnet, a culturally and linguistically diverse community, is to work in partnership with the children, families, and community we serve in order to provide a strong academic, ethical, and culturally responsive education with measurable results.

Our History & Pilot Highlights: Baldwin Hills Elementary Pilot/Gifted High Ability Magnet is unique and has a reputation for being a gem among LAUSD schools because of our success educating African-American and Latino children. Though high achieving, we believe there should not be a ceiling on achievement and that we can do more if given the autonomy to make decisions that directly impact the children we know so well and teach.

Our aim is to create an academically rigorous, culturally responsive instructional program that can propel students to meet their limitless potentials.

  • Work in partnership with children, families, and community to provide a strong academic, ethical, and culturally responsive education.
  • Create an environment where students’ diversity, backgrounds, and languages are highly valued.
  • Build “bridges” between home and school to enable life-long learning, problem solving, increased self-esteem, and responsible citizenship for success in a diverse, ever-changing world.

S.T.E.A.M. Enrichment/Resources offered:

  • 21st Century Technology => 1:1 iPad School
  • Engineering
  • P.S. Arts
  • Visual Arts
  • Instrumental Music (Grades 4 & 5)
  • Critical thinking through chess instruction
  • Yoga
  • And more!