Wildlands School

S1 County Highway K - Fall Creek WI - 54722
Type of autonomy arrangement: School Charter / Bylaws
Basic Profile

Opened In







District - Instrumentality Charter


Determine learning program
Set school-level policy
Determine professional development
Determine authorizer assessments
Determine state assessments


Select colleagues
Evaluate colleagues
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine tenure policy
Select leaders


Determine school budget
Set staff pattern
Determine compensation
Determine teacher workday
Set schedule
Teacher Authority Is...
De Jure and De Facto

Wildland’s charter gives them de jure autonomy in hiring, budget, schedule, learning program, and school level policy. They also have some autonomy through the goodwill of district leaders.

About the Learning Program

A learning community of scientists—students, teachers, and community experts working on a wide range of projects focused on an even wider range of topics. Our science school is a Wisconsin charter school and a partnership between Augusta School District and Wildlands Charter School. We believe today’s students need options for learning. Wildands Charter School provides students in grades 7-12 with opportunities to:
Develop life-long learning skills driven by self-direction.
Learn in a supportive multi-generational community inquiring into the natural world around us.
Develop their abilities in science, math, technology, English, history, and social studies in a locally relevant context.
Meet the state of Wisconsin’s learning standards through the accomplishment of their personal learning plan.
Learn outdoor recreation skills that will last a lifetime.
Research topics that interest the students and relate to relevant curriculum.