West Hawaii Exploration Academy

73-4460 Queen Ka'ahumanu Hwy., #105 - Kailua-Kona HI - 96740
Type of autonomy arrangement: School Charter / Bylaws
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Determine learning program
Set school-level policy
Determine professional development
Determine authorizer assessments
Determine state assessments


Select colleagues
Evaluate colleagues
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine tenure policy
Select leaders


Determine school budget
Set staff pattern
Determine compensation
Determine teacher workday
Set schedule
Teacher Authority Is...
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About the Learning Program

Our Vision and Mission revolve around the cultivation of capable critical thinkers who can solve real problems. It is our investment in student empowerment that will lead to this accomplishment. This is evident in the decision-making process on projects and also concerning school-wide impacts. This is also seen in a student’s ability to design and guide their own education. Student selected projects have continually been recognized as one of our greatest strengths. This allows for student individuality, which is well-celebrated. Since students are the ones who select, endless opportunities are available to determine purpose and focus of projects. In this way students are invested in their education and are allowed to recognize successes as their own. One important aspect which further emphasizes the critical role of students are the hands-on components of the curriculum. When students create things with their own hands, a deep level of pride and investment naturally follows. This is also one of the most overt physical manifestations of the curriculum which is immediately evident once one steps foot on campus.