The Renaissance Charter School

Updated Apr 3, 2020
3559 81st St. - Flushing NY - 11372
Type of autonomy arrangement: school charter/bylaws
Basic Profile

Opened In



K through 12




Select leaders
Determine learning program
Select colleagues
Determine professional development
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine whether to take, when to take, how much to count district/EMO/authorizer assessments
Determine tenure policy
Make formal arrangements with district/EMO/authorizer to allow multiple measures in determining school success (not only a mean proficiency score)
Evaluate colleagues
Set schedule
Set staff pattern
Determine teacher workday
Determine school budget
Set school-level policy
Determine compensation
Teacher Authority Is...
De Jure
The Department of Education authorized conversion to charter in 2000 knowing the school would offer teachers some decision-making authority. De jure authority is granted through their 2015 charter renewal which includes language indicating their collaborative shared leadership structure in the areas indicated. In regard to evaluation of colleagues, Renaissance participates in peer evaluation. No waiver is required because New York state is moving towards including peer evaluation as part of Race to the Top.

About the Learning Program

Renaissance has been a leader in national education through its example, outreach and collaboration. It regularly collaborates, via school consortiums, federal grants and through nationwide conferences. As a leader in the charter movement, Renaissance commits to serving as a strong model of public school reform.

A wide array of innovative teaching methods makes Renaissance distinctive. As a PK-12 school, Renaissance has the unique ability to integrate subject matter from grade to grade and to take full responsibility for student learning. This allows expectations for student learning to remain high and consistent throughout the grades. The PK-12 structure also facilitates better articulation and coordination between grades.

A central curriculum theme of Renaissance is the study of New York. Teachers integrate this theme into all aspects of the curriculum. To the fullest extent possible and starting with the youngest grades, the history, culture, geography and economics of New York serve as the integrating focus of traditional academic subjects. Renaissance has a “three-tiered curriculum” consisting of core studies, project-based learning, and community involvement. Each tier is valued as a significant pathway for student learning.