Los Angeles Unified School District / Pilots

In 2007, the United Teachers of Los Angeles and the surrounding community launched the Belmont Zone of Choice, modeled after Boston Pilot Schools. After initial success, UTLA “overwhelmingly” voted to expand the number of schools in 2009. In 2010 a new Kennedy Zone of Choice emerged and in 2013 a third option opened in the Sotomayor Zone of Choice. In 2015, there are now 18 Zones of Choice that house small school options for students including 50 plus pilot schools in Los Angeles. Some of these pilot schools have chosen to have teacher-powered school governance structures and are part of our Los Angeles Teacher-Powered Network listed below. We estimate approximately 40 pilot schools have some degree of teacher-powered governance.

Individual schools in this group include:

School of Social Justice

EDUCATE Graduates of The School of Social Justice experience a unique education that is both academically rigorous and personalized. In addition to California Content State Standards and university requirements, the […]

Ambassador School of Global Leadership

Ambassador School of Global Leadership (ASGL) is a teacher-powered LAUSD pilot school located in Los Angeles. ASGL is one of six pilot schools co-located on the Robert F. Kennedy Community […]

Ambassador School of Global Education

Our Mission: The Ambassador School of Global Education nurtures children, helping them experience success in academic and social settings with an appreciation of the various cultures, languages, and communities around […]

Los Angeles High School of the Arts

Los Angeles High School of the Arts offers rigorous classes in theatre, dance and technical theatre; provide opportunities for students to be involved in our season of dramatic performances; and […]

Academy of Medical Arts

The Academy of Medical Arts values interdisciplinary educational experiences, the democratic process, student voice, shared leadership, community partners, and learning that extends beyond the school walls. Teamwork is a hallmark […]

ArTES (Art, Theater, and Entertainment School)

The Art, Theater, and Entertainment School (ArTES) has been granted increased autonomy by LAUSD to inspire and celebrate innovation. ArTES employs the power of technology to engage learning, and every […]

East LA Renaissance Academy

ELARA is a Pilot School, an innovative model developed in a collaboration of LAUSD, UTLA, and the LA Small Schools Center. It is a result of LAUSD’s Public School Choice […]

Social Justice Humanitas Academy

In the Social Justice Humanitas Academy, we treat each of our students as individuals, and we teach to their diverse learning needs. We prepare each and every one of our […]

UCLA Community School (UCS)

UCLA Community School is an innovative K-12 learning environment that prepares all students for college, work, and civic participation. The instructional program is community-based, learner-centered, and university-assisted. Building on the […]

Dr. Julian Nava Learning Academy (JNLA)

The mission of JNLA is to nurture students who are intrinsically motivated to prepare themselves for college and their future careers. By integrating relevant thematic units and real world applications […]