Historia: Art as a Tool for Social Justice

By Jonathan Tam • Aug 20, 2019

They say that there’s nothing more powerful than a good story. A protagonist with a clear and honorable motive. A setting that’s familiar, yet unique in its own way. And […]

The Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Celebrates 5 Years

By Amy Junge • Jun 20, 2019

Five years ago the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative (TPSI) was launched with the goals of highlighting the successes of teacher-powered schools across the country, and inspiring other teacher teams to either […]

Student Voice in a Project-Based Learning Environment

By Alli Westra-Smith • May 10, 2019

Hi! My name is Alli Westra-Smith and I’m going to tell you about my school called Minnesota New Country School. MNCS is a project-based charter school in Henderson, MN. I’ve […]

Built to Last

By Rebekah Kang & Jonathan Tam • Apr 29, 2019

This past Spring celebrates a great many things—among them the 12th year anniversary of the LAUSD Pilot School Memorandum. Intended on creating new and innovative schools to relieve overcrowding in […]

Navigating Leadership Changes With Intention

By Danny Flannery • Mar 28, 2019

Danny Flannery is a 1st/2nd grade teacher at Mission Hill School. He also works as a teacher-powered ambassador. Mission Hill School, a Boston Public Pilot School, opened its doors in […]

What it’s like to take ownership of your learning

By Lily Barnes, student at Avalon School • Feb 28, 2019

Ownership of one’s learning—of changing one’s community and one’s environment—I believe is one of the most important aspects of a school. In a traditional school environment, students don’t get to […]

When students, like teachers, are school decision-makers

By Taryn Snyder, Teacher-Powered Ambassador •

Two years ago, I had the privilege of visiting Social Justice Humanitas Academy as part of the 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference. I was inspired not only by the SJHA […]

Offering and engaging in student-powered democracy

By Ruth Perez and Zaynab Baalbaki • Jan 24, 2019

Escuela Verde (EV) is a teacher-powered public charter school in Milwaukee, WI where learners and advisors work together openly and transparently to manage the school. EV does not have a […]