Woodland Hills Academy

Updated Jan 16, 2015
20800 Burbank Blvd. - Woodland Hills CA - 91367
Type of autonomy arrangement: site-gov. agreement
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Basic Profile

Opened In



6 through 8




Select leaders
Determine learning program
Select colleagues
Determine professional development
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine whether to take, when to take, how much to count district/EMO/authorizer assessments
Determine tenure policy
Make formal arrangements with district/EMO/authorizer to allow multiple measures in determining school success (not only a mean proficiency score)
Evaluate colleagues
Set schedule
Set staff pattern
Determine teacher workday
Determine school budget
Set school-level policy
Determine compensation
Teacher Authority Is...
De Jure and De Facto
The school has de jure autonomy in many areas. See Specific areas of teacher authority are unclear. It's likely that teacher authority is de facto.

About the Learning Program

Provide a positive, student centered environment in which all students will develop academic, social, emotional, and practical skills and attitudes in order to enable them to be lifelong learners and productive, responsible citizens in a diverse society. Woodland Hills proposes to allocate financial and staffing resources to create a school where all students are actively engaged, instructional programs are supported, and parents are informed and involved in this learning environment of varying student abilities, cultures, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

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