Site-gov Agreement

In 2009, with support from Education|Evolving and the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers the Minnesota Legislature passed the Site-Governed Schools law, allowing for the creation of schools inside districts that enjoy the same autonomy and exemption from state regulation as chartered schools. San Francisco Community School has similar autonomy through their Small School By Design agreement with San Francisco Unified School District. In Los Angeles, the Woodland Hills Academy has been operating under the similarly organized Expanded School-Based Management Model.

Schools with this arrangement

Early College Alliance @ Eastern Michigan University

Michigan’s largest early middle college affiliated with a 4-year university. It was the first of the WEOC programs and our first TPS model.

Bancroft Elementary School

Bancroft Elementary provides all students with an excellent academic foundation as creative and critical thinkers who are empowered to act responsibly with respect for self, community, and the world. Bancroft fosters: An environment where learning is active. Students are engaged in authentic inquiry based, hands-on learning. A community of learners. We value collaboration, culture, equity, and social interaction between staff …

Athens Community School

Athens Community School is a small rural K-8 school that transitioned to teacher-powered in 2015.

San Francisco Community School

SFCS is a Small School By Design in which teachers make learning interesting through science-based, challenge-driven projects. Students experience a strong sense of community because they are in multi-age classrooms, they participate in daily class meetings, schoolwide conflict resolution, and a strong and unified adult culture. SFCS prioritizes personalized learning and relationships.