Mann UCLA Community School

Updated Oct 29, 2021
7001 S. St. Andrews Place Los Angeles - Los Angeles CA - 90047
Type of autonomy arrangement: school based option
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Basic Profile

Opened In



6 through 12




District - Site-Governed
Select leaders
Determine learning program
Select colleagues
Determine professional development
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine whether to take, when to take, how much to count district/EMO/authorizer assessments
Determine tenure policy
Make formal arrangements with district/EMO/authorizer to allow multiple measures in determining school success (not only a mean proficiency score)
Evaluate colleagues
Set schedule
Set staff pattern
Determine teacher workday
Determine school budget
Set school-level policy
Determine compensation
Teacher Authority Is...

About the Learning Program

The Mann UCLA Community School brings together the resources of the school, family and community to help young people thrive and make families and communities stronger in the South Los Angeles area.


Horace Mann UCLA Community School will be a cornerstone for high-quality education in Chesterfield Square. Our students will enter the adult world as confident and capable human beings, prepared to succeed in college, pursue meaningful careers, participate in our democracy, and become agents of change for our community.

School Transformation Strategies:

Leadership: Inclusive school leadership and shared-decision making structures.

Curriculum: Authentic instruction and assessment in the form of project-based learning, performance-based assessment, collaborative learning, and connections to the world beyond school.

Teaching: Supports for educator learning through professional development and opportunities for reflection, collaboration, and leadership.

Engagement: Authentic parent and community engagement

Wrap-around Services: Emphasis on physical and mental health services for students and their families.

Restorative Practices: Restorative justice and social and emotional learning supports to promote positive discipline models.

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