Green Isle Community School

Updated Mar 26, 2021
190 McGrann Street - P.O.Box 277 - Green Isle MN - 55338
Type of autonomy arrangement: charter-tpp contract
Note: This school no longer has teacher autonomy.

Located in a rural community where the community school closed due to district consolidation, Green Isle offers a local public school option for families. The school provides a multi-age instructional model with programming that fosters intentional school-community connections, encourages responsible citizenship through service learning, and offers authentic learning opportunities through interdisciplinary-learning projects. The primary purpose of Green Isle Community School is to improve pupil learning through: Increased Learning Opportunities. Integrated, interdisciplinary instruction will enable students to make connections between subject areas. Service learning will provide opportunities to apply previously learned knowledge, engage in civic responsibility, and develop meaningful relationships with community members. Students, parents, and staff will collaborate bi-yearly with students to set individual learner goals in the areas of literacy, math, social skills, and work habits. Students and staff will engage in periodic reviews of progress toward these goals throughout the year.