Other District Schools

Individual schools in this group include:

Odyssey Elementary School

Odyssey Elementary puts a 21st-century spin on a one-room schoolhouse. Our K-5 students learn in a mixed-grade, collaborative, open space where they are engaged in standards-driven instruction and hands-on, project-based learning under the guidance of our teacher leads. Rather than being separated into learning groups based on their grade, students receive instruction based on their […]

Bancroft Elementary School

Bancroft Elementary provides all students with an excellent academic foundation as creative and critical thinkers who are empowered to act responsibly with respect for self, community, and the world. Bancroft fosters: An environment where learning is active. Students are engaged in authentic inquiry based, hands-on learning. A community of learners. We value collaboration, culture, equity, […]

Athens Community School

Athens Community School is a small rural K-8 school that transitioned to teacher-powered in 2015.

Tri-County Early College

Tri-County Early College focuses on project-based learning, STEM-focused learning activities, competency-based assessment, experiential hands-on activities, college courses, 21st century skills, Tony Wagner’s survival skills, college visitation experiences each year, trust levels that require students to take responsibility for their own learning, and a service learning component requiring students to achieve 100 hours of volunteer work […]

STEM Center at Davie County High School

Within the North Carolina Common Core and Essential Standards that was implemented in 2012-2013 across the state, the Davie High STEM Center curriculum will emphasize connections within and between the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and all humanities classes including the arts. integrate technology in meaningful, powerful ways. introduce and engage students in the […]

Woods Learning Center

Woods promotes academics, creativity, and community taught by teams with a student to teacher ratio of 18:1. Instruction focuses on the whole child. Individual student choices are part of an enriched curriculum for all students to encourage creative thinking and problem solving. Problem based learning is an integral component of our philosophy.

Impact Academy

Four Design Features Impact Academy at Orchard Lake Elementary is where learning is personalized, embedded in real life inquiry and impacts communities. Our vision is to create a personalized learning environment where all students are taught at their instructional level of learning in the areas reading, writing and math. Students and teachers together design an […]

San Francisco Community School

SFCS is a Small School By Design in which teachers make learning interesting through science-based, challenge-driven projects. Students experience a strong sense of community because they are in multi-age classrooms, they participate in daily class meetings, schoolwide conflict resolution, and a strong and unified adult culture. SFCS prioritizes personalized learning and relationships.

Hughes STEM High School

At the Hughes STEM High School, we have embraced the view that academic content should not be taught in isolation. Students will be immersed in rich, meaningful, STEM experiences through interdisciplinary coursework applied in the context of the real world through business and community partnerships. In these workplace experiences, students will not only learn to […]

Howard C. Reiche Community School

Our learning program follows district initiatives and includes differentiated instruction across all subject areas to accommodate our diverse learners.

Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy

Science, technology, and mathematics. Teachers have elected to use the district adopted curriculum and are able to modify it for their needs (they have a Science, Technology, and Math focus).