Pre-conference school site visits are a fixture of the conference—and a key activity of successful teacher-powered teams.

Join us on Friday, November 4 at these Minnesota teacher-powered schools. Cost for pre-conference school site visits is $100. Transportation and lunch are included.

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Academic Arts High School

West Saint Paul, MN | Suburban, charter | Grades 9-12
Academic Arts brings together environmental education and project-based learning to empower students. Students learn about the world through community experiences and engagement, and complete projects that meet state academic standards. Their mission is “Learn by doing. Embrace your place in the world. Prepare for the future. And make friends along the way.” Their vision: “A generation of young people who can navigate the world with the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, and skills necessary to make a positive impact.”

High School for Recording Arts

Saint Paul, MN | Urban, charter | Ages 14-21+
HSRA is dedicated to providing all young people a chance to realize their full potential, despite any previous setbacks. As they engage students through music and the exploration and operation of the music business and other creative endeavors, they demonstrate that core learning areas and real world, 21st century skills can be acquired at the same time. More than just earning a high school diploma, HSRA prepares students for a positive post-secondary education and life.

Level Up Academy

White Bear Lake, MN | Suburban, charter | Grades K-8
In a Personalized Learning experience, students are aware of what they are learning, why they are learning, and how they learn best. They become self-directed learners and develop the behaviors and mindsets for success. Level Up Academy’s emphasis on personalized learning honors each child’s stage in development and to guides them to mastery at their own pace. Their students continually “LEVEL UP.” This differs from the calendar and age-driven model of social promotion. By tapping into the intrinsic motivation and curiosity of every child, Level Up Academy students reach their full potential.

Minnesota New Country School

Henderson, MN | Rural, charter | Grades K-12
Established in 1994, MNCS currently operates an elementary site grades K-6, and a secondary site grades 7-12. The two campuses serve more than 200 students from 13 surrounding communities within a 45-mile radius. MNCS follows a project-based curriculum where students each receive an individualized learning plan with focus on learning from hands-on experiences, while still focusing on basic skills such as math, reading, and writing. Credit is earned based on the quality of learning demonstrated at the end product of the project. Students are given responsibility and choice regarding what they learn at MNCS. Students set their own goals and accomplish their own tasks with the guidance of Advisors and staff.

Northwest Passage High School

Coon Rapids, MN | Suburban, charter | Grades 9-12
Northwest Passage High School is a student-centered, personal learning charter school which strives to create a learning environment that is accessible and accommodating to all students. NWPHS uses a small learning community model with no more than 180 students and a long-term advisory with no more than 16 students in multi-age groupings. Students pursue their passions while meeting graduation requirements through project-based and experiential learning.

Prairie Creek Community School

Castle Rock, MN | Rural, charter | Grades K-5
At Prairie Creek, 180 students and their teachers join together in passionate inquiry, project-based discovery, and hands-on learning. Children at Prairie Creek pose questions, they wonder aloud, they bring their natural curiosities to the classroom for full consideration. Each school day provides them with real-world opportunities to explore, to inquire, to answer—all the while supported by teachers who channel these ambitions into structured, creative projects and challenging lessons.