Collective Bargaining

In 2009, teachers in Hughes STEM High School in Cincinnati, Ohio secured collective autonomy to run an existing school via the Instructional Leadership Team (ILT) structure negotiated in the collective bargaining agreement between Cincinnati School Board and Cincinnati Federation of Teachers. Two-thirds to three-quarters of ILT members are teachers, and other team members include 2 classified employees, 2 parents, and the site principal. The ILT authority is broad, as nearly anything that affects instruction can be voted up or down by that body, and the principal does not have veto power. The ILT structure is available to all schools in the Cincinnati Public School district.

Schools with this arrangement

Hughes STEM High School

At the Hughes STEM High School, we have embraced the view that academic content should not be taught in isolation. Students will be immersed in rich, meaningful, STEM experiences through interdisciplinary coursework applied in the context of the real world through business and community partnerships. In these workplace experiences, students will not only learn to apply knowledge, but they will …