EdVisions Co-Op replaces union arrangements by creating a professional association of teachers and owners that contract with a school board to supply a learning program. More information is available at edvisionscooperative.org.

Individual schools in this group include:

Career Pathways

Career Pathways (CPATH) works to include underserved and disenfranchised students who don’t achieve well in traditional settings, but who will flourish in this unique multi-age/multi-graded environment which promotes application of […]

DREAM Technical Academy

“Where serious people go to broaden their minds and learn to live the rest of their lives.” This sentence encapsulates our educational mission here at DREAM. We aim to build […]

CHOICE Technical Academy

CHOICE Technical Academy is a public charter school that focuses on career and college preparedness for grades 7 to 12. The curriculum is designed for students who enjoy learning by […]

Terra Nova School

Out of the classroom, into the world. At the Terra Nova School (formerly Jane Goodall Environmental Sciences Academy), students will foster their knowledge, love and respect for the environment while […]

Level Up Academy

Our emphasis on personalized learning allows teachers to honor where each child is in their development and to guide them to mastery at their own pace. Our students will continually […]

Northern Lights Community School

NLCS emphasizes project-based learning and strong connections to the community, using community members and organizations as teaching resources for students. The goal of the school is to provide an opportunity […]

Academic Arts High School

Students at Academic Arts High School study environmental themes in their coursework throughout the school year. At AAHS, students are encouraged to explore and develop their individual skills and interests […]

Nerstrand Elementary School

Nerstrand has strong programs in reading, language arts, and mathematics that help students realize success in the curricular areas of science, social studies, and technology—just to name a few. They […]

Minnesota New Country School

A project-based learning model based upon the idea that students will be most engaged in the learning process when they have a personal interest in what they are learning. Instead […]


Avalon School prepares students for college and life in a strong, nurturing community that inspires active learning, engaged citizenship, and hope for the future. AVALON combines (1) a college-prep focus, […]

EdVisions Off Campus

EdVisions Off Campus uses a project-based online learning program. Students begin their day in an online advisory group, where students share their plan for the day, find encouragement, and share […]

Phoenix High School

A personalized and flexible learning structure motivates students to direct their own education, initiating projects and meeting learning standards in ways that are unique to their own interests and abilities.