Change Management Guide

By • Jun 30, 2023

A guide to leading and empowering site-based change that spurs student and educator growth. This collection of resources, tips, and activities is for educator teams doing school change work. Users […]

Teacher-Powered Teams Survey

By • Mar 31, 2022

This feedback form is designed for teacher-powered teams who are familiar with teacher-powered practices and teacher-powered autonomies. The goal is to provide feedback to teams on their collective skills and […]

Equity in Student-Centered Learning Design

By • Jan 12, 2022

From Education Evolving, created in partnership with student-centered and teacher-powered leaders. This guide is designed to help your team design learning that equitably honors the unique assets and needs of […]

Teacher-Powered School Site Visit Guide

By • May 17, 2018

Visiting another school and spending time talking with their team is one of the best ways to understand the power of shared leadership. We want to ensure the time and […]

Sample Documents: A Collection

By • Jan 01, 2016

A “greatest hits” list of resources on this site, for each of the main categories we get inquiries about. Decision-Making Procedures Avalon School: The Constitution of the School of Avalon […]