More than 60 schools in 15 states and counting.


85% of Americans agree teacher-powered schools are a good idea.


78% of teachers agree that teacher-powered schools are a good idea.



What could your teacher-powered school help students achieve? Get started today with this free, step-by-step guide on creating your own teacher-powered school from The Center for Teaching Quality, in collaboration with Education Evolving.

Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School


New Guide Launched: "Steps to Creating a Teacher Powered School"
June 19, 2014
The Center for Teaching Quality and Education Evolving have released a free, step-by-step guide to starting a teacher-powered school. The guide is a practical manual, created by teachers who've been there, done that. Read more.

National Study Finds Overwhelming Support Among Teachers and the Public for Greater Teacher Roles in School, the Classroom and Beyond
May 19, 2014
New initiative seeks to build awareness of the benefits and successes of "teacher-powered schools" nationwide and inspire other teachers and communities to create more.

From 'Trusting Teachers' to Organizing Around Quality
May 5, 2014
In his state-of-the-state speech last year, Gov. Jerry Brown railed against the education hierarchy and testing system saying, "I would prefer to trust our teachers who are in the classroom each day, doing the real work--lighting fires in young minds."

Rochester teachers propose SOTA-style elementary school
April 21, 2014
new teacher-led Rochester elementary school will offer an arts-rich curriculum emphasizing active learning in long school days and provide a seamless transition to the School of the Arts — if it can get off the ground.