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Minnesota New Country School, Innovation Award Winner

Minnesota New Country School is one of five winners of the 1st Annual Minnesota Charter School Innovation Awards. They won in the category of Creating New Opportunities for Professional Growth of Teachers.

Carrie Bakken, Avalon School

Carrie Bakken, program coordinator at Avalon School, candidly describes her experiences as a teacher-advisor, and now administrator, with this Minnesota-based teacher-powered school.

Lori Nazareno, Math and Science Leadership Academy

The Math and Science Leadership Academy is a union-designed, teacher-powered school within the Denver Public School System. The school's teachers lead collaboratively in order to exceed student needs. "We designed it, we put this together and were running it," says Lori Nazareno, one of two head teachers at MSLA. "Everybody gets that it's our responsibility."
Credit: National Education Association (NEA) Priority Schools - "Denver's MSLA: Teachers, Learners, Leaders"

Linda Peters, Advanced Language and Academic Studies (ALAS) Bilingual Program

Linda Peters is a veteran teacher and founding member of the ALAS, a teacher-powered program within a larger high school, who feels a sense of empowerment and pride that accompanies being able to lead through collaboration to make the decisions that matter most for her students and school


Student Voices

Students in teacher-powered schools speak out on the benefits of their educational experiences. For those who set education policy, there is much to learn from listening to what students say about their experience with teacher-powered schools; about their interests and desires for learning; and about how they learn outside formal school.