Member Benefits

The TPS networks offer a unique opportunity to improve your skills in collaborative leadership and shared governance structures and practices in order to advance student-centered learning and increase awareness of the teacher-powered movement, namely:

Amplify Your Voice

  • Write guest blogs—or have your school profiled—to highlight the innovative work your team is doing.

Connection & Relationships

  • Connect with like-minded educators for inspiration, support, and encouragement—and grow your personal networks and student-centered practices.
  • Receive invitations to network-only events, like annual convenings, social events, and professional learning opportunities.
  • Get regular inspiration, stories, updates, and resources through teacher-powered newsletters, blogs, and social media.

Learning & Support

  • Be part of a community of practice to hear and share common challenges and solutions with teacher teams from a variety of schools.
  • Visit and host other teacher-powered schools to see collaborative leading and student-centered learning in action.
  • Receive discounts on consulting, workshops, the national conference, and other teacher-powered events and resources.
  • Access resources, such as guides and sample documents, not available publicly online.

Advocate For Your School and the Movement

  • Learn strategies to navigate politics and advocate for your team, in whatever local context you operate (district, authorizer, state, etc.).
  • Develop a sense of shared purpose and a common language with others who are part of the larger movement.
  • Be part of something bigger than yourself and your school: transform education in this country!