Education Evolving does not yet know for sure whether or how a number of schools included on our list offer decision-making authority to teachers. They are included on our list because we have heard about them from various sources, including the press. We are still in the process of connecting with teachers in these schools to learn more about their arrangements.

Schools with this arrangement

The Riveredge Outdoor Learning Elementary School

Situated on 379 acres of restored prairies, woods, and wetlands at Riveredge Nature Center near Newburg, Wisconsin, the Riveredge School is a tuition-free, public elementary charter school authorized by the Northern Ozaukee School District. Our school community creates a laboratory for outdoor learning which amplifies the outcomes of public education, serves learners of all abilities and needs, fosters a deep …

Hudson County Schools of Technology

Varies. There are 3 school sites with 10 programs between the 3 sites.

BRICK Avon Academy

BRICK’s mission is to Build Responsible, Intelligent and Creative Kids. Through a globally minded curriculum, extended day program, individualized professional development, and community and family partnerships, BRICK provides students with the opportunity to be college and life ready in an interconnected global society. IB Bound Framework. In 2011 BRICK will apply to be one of the few International Baccalaureate Primary …

Boggs School

The mission of the Boggs School is to nurture creative, critical thinkers who contribute to the well-being of their communities. Core Values: – High levels of critical thought, creativity, and learning – Excellence in teaching – Authentic, trusting relationships – Community empowerment – Equity within both human relationships and the natural world. Core Purpose: – To provide the tools to …


The ROOTS mission is to provide educational and learning programs that allow children to think independently, engage collaboratively, make connections across disciplines, realize their talents, and apply their learning in the world. We believe children have unlimited potential and are not defined by grade level, and that experiential, hands-on learning, in a purposeful and supportive environment, provides tools children will …

Science Leadership Academy

SLA is an inquiry-driven, project-based 21st Century school with a 1:1 laptop program. SLA believes that learning should not stop with the school walls or the end of the of the school day. Learning should — and does — happen 24/7/365. The school is a partnership high school between the School District of Philadelphia and The Franklin Institute.

Palmer Park Preparatory Academy

Palmer Park Preparatory Academy is a Detroit Public School committed to excellence and uniqueness through extraordinary effort and love. It provides an atmosphere that encourages each member to develop a sense of personal worth, academic excellence, and personal responsibility.

Sage Academy

Sage encourages life-long learning, respect for a diverse, global community, awareness of the earth’s limited resources, and understanding of social justice issues throughout the world. The school promotes active participation of students as citizens of the world and offers multiple and diverse opportunities for leadership in team dynamics and problem solving experiences.