PROSE agreement

PROSE (Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence) was negotiated into the 2014 teachers’ contract by the United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the New York City Department of Education (DOE) as a way for schools that had a history of collaborative management and innovation to have more freedom to achieve their goals. The idea came from union leaders seeing that teachers had creative ideas in their schools, but teacher teams needed an opportunity to share those within and across schools and more space to experiment with new ideas.

Schools with this arrangement

Cornerstone Academy for Social Action Middle School (CASA)

Our school provides a holistic learning environment dedicated to developing 21st Century skills. Our curriculum focuses on intellectual, social, and emotional development. We encourage students to work collaboratively, think critically, solve problems, analyze and synthesize information, practice adaptability, be curious, and build communication skills. Our teachers use Socratic seminars, performance tasks, project-based learning, technology, and traditional methods of teaching. Teachers …

NYC Lab School for Collaborative Studies

Inspired by the power of collaboration, the Lab School challenges students to soar intellectually and to act bravely in our complex world community. In living our mission, we: Embrace students from diverse backgrounds who demonstrate a passion for learning Provide a full inclusion program that celebrates the gifts of all students Nourish each student socially, emotionally, physically, and academically Support …

PROSE Schools

There are currently over 180 PROSE schools in New York City. While all of them are collaborative not all are teacher-powered. We are in the process of working with PROSE leaders to identify the teacher-powered PROSE schools. Conservatively, we estimate that there are 80 plus teacher-powered PROSE schools and quite possibly many more.

International Community High School

International Community High School aims to provide a quality education for a diverse population of recently arrived immigrants that will allow them to develop linguistic, cognitive and cultural skills necessary for success in high school, college and beyond. Within our diverse community, fluency in a language other than English is an asset that is celebrated. Through five interdisciplinary teams and …