Not teacher autonomous

Schools that we have interviewed and have never had teacher autonomy.

Schools with this arrangement

Tintic High School

The mission of Tintic High School is to provide students with superior educational opportunities in a safe, inviting environment where students are prepared to be lifelong learners and responsible, productive citizens. Beliefs: We believe that learning experiences should be engaging, meaningful, interesting, varied, and personally relevant built on expectations, yielding high achievement. We believe that each student has unique social, …

Aveson Charter School

Rigorous- complex, challenging, higher level, standards and research based. Relevant- students understand why the learning is important. Individualized- instruction is appropriate to the academic level of the student.

Ridge and Valley Charter School

We strive to provide our children with a broad educational context. We present the world around them as their classroom, including their home, their town, their bioregion, their country, Planet Earth, and the Universe. Our integrated curriculum is based on the most recently understood scientific story of the Universe and Earth. Experiences in the natural world inspire us all to …