A Year at Mission Hill: Chapter 10, “The Freedom to Teach”

If you want to see what pioneering teacher-powered teams who design and run schools look like, then watch Chapter 10 of A Year at Mission Hill

Watch teachers at the K-8 Mission Hill School act as leaders who are collectively responsible for whole-school success. They are pursuing their shared purpose using real, professional roles created for themselves. They are willing to embrace possibility and wrestle to figure out new ways of working without any guidebook–sometimes doing things so differently that they put their own jobs on the line.

Importantly, these teachers have the courage to stand and act on principle for the sake of their students, despite the expectation that they will succumb to the dominant culture that seeks to control, from the top down, what teachers do and how they do it. They are bravely challenging the status quo regarding how learning, student assessment, and teacher evaluation happen and how budgets are spent.

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Designing assessment of student learning