Trusting Teachers with School Success: What Happens When Teachers Call the Shots Chpt 6: students’ means of learning (pp. 78-79)

This excerpt from Trusting Teachers with School Success describes some of the ways teachers expand students’ means of learning when they design and run schools.

Trusting Teachers with School Success documents that when teachers design and run schools, they tend to do so with an eye toward accommodating students’ varying levels of readiness, aptitudes, interests, and rates of learning. Teachers realize quickly that this requires them to expand students’ means of learning.

This excerpt, from pages 78-79, describes some of the ways teachers expanded students’ means of learning in several of the 11 schools studied in the book. Of course, the whole book is about how teachers who “call the shots” do teaching and learning differently. When considering how your design team might expand students’ means of learning, take care not to assume this covers the gamut!

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Designing a student-centered learning program