Restorative Justice:

Many teacher-powered teams choose to implement some element of Restorative Justice as part of their approach to discipline. is a great way to learn about this concept.

According to the About page:

“ is a comprehensive resource for school superintendents and principals, teachers, parents, students, community leaders, and organizations and anyone who is interested in learning about how to eliminate harsh, push-out discipline practices and put in place solutions that work for all students. Here, you can find the latest data and news about why the impacts that suspensions and expulsion have on students and school climate. You can also use our step-by-step tools to help you implement or advocate for supportive, inclusive discipline policies that hold students accountable and improve school climate and safety for all members of the school community. partners with 23 groups including youth-led, civil rights, crime prevention, education, community and children’s advocacy organizations. is a project of Public Counsel, a pro-bono law firm that is a statewide education rights leader [California].”

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Designing an approach to discipline and social needs