Philadelphia School Partnership Great Schools Fund

Teachers in Philadelphia can apply for new school startup funding through the Philadelphia School Partnership.

The website for the Philadelia School Partnership Great Schools Fund says:

The Philadelphia School Partnership invests in the creation and expansion of great schools. Investments are selected after an application and due diligence process to identify schools and leaders with the potential to deliver outstanding academic outcomes. PSP invests in all types of schools–public, public, charter, and private.

PSP makes the following types of grants:

1. Incubation Grants – PSP supports the earliest stages of new school idea development and planning. Grant funds support the completion of a school plan, development of a business plan, or drafting of a charter application, for example. The grant may also support early stage startup activities.

2. Startup Grants – PSP supports the launch of new schools. Grants cover costs associated with planning and startup of a new school such as: facility acquisition/renovation, hiring, staff training, and school supplies. Applicants seeking startup funds should have a concrete school model and plan ready to execute.

3. Growth Grants – PSP supports school expansions. Grants support building the leadership and operational capacity of existing successful schools and school operators so they can manage growth while maintaining high academic outcomes. Grants also support the opening of new schools or the expansion of existing schools. Applicants seeking growth funds must already be operating a successful school(s).

4. Turnaround Grants – PSP supports the transformation of low-performing schools. Grants are made to individuals and teams with a strong track record of successful turnaround or with experience successfully operating a high performing urban school.

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