Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy Selection and Process Documents

MSLA teachers share the personnel selection process they used during their first two years as a teacher-powered school.

The Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy (MSLA) is a teacher-powered school that opened in 2009 in Denver. Its unique leadership structure and academic programming required that staff be highly accomplished and possess specific skills in order to be successful. As a result, the founding co-lead teachers, along with a small committee, developed a robust application and interview process.

Once candidates successfully navigated the application and interview process, they were observed teaching whenever possible. This process, while extremely time intensive, was indispensable in identifying teachers who could successfully launch a new school model. The documents used in that process include:

The “Staffing, Grievance, Review and Dismissal” document that was submitted to the district as part of the school approval process.
The application questions that were added to the district job descriptions for all teacher applicants.
The interview questions that were used during the interview process with teaching candidates.
An article that was published in the Denver Classroom Teachers Association newsletter to recruit teaching candidates.

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Developing personnel processes