Managing School Autonomy

As teacher-powered schools increase in number, a big question is: will administrators set the right conditions for school and teacher autonomy to succeed?

Reviewing various school districts’ experiences with school autonomy, including those of Boston and Minneapolis Public Schools (BPS and MPS), as well as management’s ability and willingness to adapt will have a lot to do with whether the teacher-powered school efforts will succeed.

Learn more about the past administrative approaches in Boston and Minneapolis, as well as some ideas about how administrators can support collective teacher autonomy in this guest post from Kim Farris-Berg for the Cooperative Catalyst blog.

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Seeking external support

Education Evolving and CTQ have partnered to create these resources for the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative, which seeks to highlight successes around the country.

Visit the CTQ website to learn more about how CTQ brings educators and school system leaders together in other ways to improve public education for every student.