Get Started on Teacher-Powered Schools


Teachers from all backgrounds can learn more about teacher-powered schools by exploring the information on this site, and by utilizing "Steps to Creating a Teacher-Powered School," a step-by-step guide to starting a teacher-powered school. Teachers can also connect with like-minded educators across the country to share strategies and resources in the CTQ Collaboratory.

Teachers Unions

Union or association involvement can be an important factor for setting your teacher-powered effort into motion. Teachers can work with union representatives and leadership to help create the conditions for a teacher-powered school in their community. Visit the Teachers Unions page for more information.


There are several ways that district administrators and charter authorizers can create the necessary conditions for teacher-powered schools. Learn more about how you can take the first step in establishing a positive, respectful and welcoming environment for teachers who seek to design and run teacher-powered schools at the Administrators and Authorizers page.


Supporting teacher-powered schools and the teachers who run them benefits students, families and the greater community. Teacher-powered schools ensure our best teachers can continue to do what they love, while also cultivating the unique skills and abilities they can offer in positions of leadership. Visit the Policymakers page for more information.