Developing a Culturally Responsive Action Team in Teacher-Led Schools

By • Apr 01, 2021

2021. By Michael Stewart. Situated in a majority-minority school setting, this action research study focused on developing culturally responsive teaching (CRTchg) approaches in a group of Caucasian teacher leaders. Highly qualified teachers who determined the curriculum, professional development, assessments, and school-level policies were leading two alternative schools, but this group of predominantly majority teachers had […]

Where I Bloomed: Exploring Teacher Professional Vitality in the Teacher-Powered School

By • Sep 01, 2020

2020. By Sara Kemper. Ample research has identified and sought to understand the problem of high teacher turnover and low morale in U.S. schools. One consistent finding is that teachers’ working conditions have a pronounced impact on their wellbeing, sense of efficacy, and career decisions. This dissertation presents findings from a mixed-methods study exploring teachers’ […]

Building from the Ground Up: The Relationship between Structure, Culture and Teachers’ Role in Site Decision-Making at an Educator-Run School

By • Jan 01, 2020

2020. By Kyle Weinberg. Power structures in U.S. public schools have grown increasingly more hierarchical in response to a perceived decline in K-12 instructional quality. The rising prominence of high-stakes accountability mechanisms has resulted in top-down limiting of teachers’ role in site decision-making. Promoting a more prominent teacher role in school governance is a promising […]

Distributed leadership, professional collaboration, and teachers’ job satisfaction in U.S. schools

By • Mar 01, 2019

2019. By Darlene García Torres. This study uses hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) to investigate relationships among distributed leadership, professional collaboration, and teachers’ job satisfaction in U.S. schools. Data are from the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) 2013 Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). Results revealed teachers’ perceptions of distributed leadership were significantly, positively […]