Understanding Teacher Retention at Teacher-Powered Schools

By • Aug 01, 2023

With teachers leaving the classroom at record-high rates, we asked: What is retention like at teacher-powered schools? Could teacher-powered be an answer to the question of how to keep talented teachers? Our latest report shows fewer teachers leave teacher-powered schools than they do schools nationwide. The findings are encouraging and demand more research—but they are […]

Teacher-Powered Schools Flyer

By • Jun 23, 2022

An overview of key facts, figures, and information about teacher-powered schools. Updated 2022.

Evidence for Teacher-Powered Schools: A Practical Route to Better and More Equitable Student Outcomes

By • Sep 30, 2020

Teacher-powered schools  are a powerful, practical route to better and more equitable student learning. Those already a part of the teacher-powered movement know this. This paper makes the evidence-based case for teacher-powered schools to grow the movement. Evidence for Teacher-Powered Schools: A Practical Route to Better and More Equitable Student Outcomes explores outcomes for students […]

Teacher-Powered Practices: How Teacher Teams Collaboratively Lead and Create Student-Centered Schools

By • Oct 24, 2019

Teacher-Powered Practices: How teacher teams collaboratively lead and create student-centered schools focuses on how innovative teachers are radically changing the ways schools are designed and run. The how here are the common practices, structures, and processes teacher-powered teams design and use daily. The guide identifies nine common practices used at teacher-powered schools, and includes examples […]

Fifteen Areas of Collective Teacher Autonomy

By • Mar 23, 2018

We have identified 15 areas in which teacher teams have secured autonomy to make decisions impacting school and student success. This publication describes those areas in detail, and provides examples of what they look like in practice.

Trusting Teachers with School Success

By • Oct 15, 2012

Lately, our nation’s strategy for improving our schools is mostly limited to “getting tough” with teachers. Blaming teachers for poor outcomes, we spend almost all of our energy trying to control teachers’ behavior and school operations. But what if all of this is exactly the opposite of what is needed? What if teachers are the […]