The Teacher-Powered Schools Movement: Transforming Teachers From Industrial Workers To Professionals

By Emily Langhorne • Jul 19, 2018

In contrast, educators at teacher-powered schools take on truly professional roles, controlling the decisions that directly affect school operations and student learning. These schools are modeled after the partnerships common among most white-collar professions—where a group of professionals own and operate a firm or practice and are accountable for its success or failure.

A Day With Secretary DeVos- An Insider’s Perspective

By Deyonne Jackson and Lauren McDaniel • Oct 15, 2017

When Woods Learning Center’s (Woods) Administrative Manager took a call from Sarah in the U.S. Department of Education (USDE), Sarah went quiet when she was told that the decision about Secretary DeVos’ visit couldn’t be made without first speaking to the Woods’ administrative team of teachers. “What do you mean? Isn’t there a principal who can make the decision?”

Not at this school.

Teacher Leadership is Advocacy

By Maddie Fennell • Sep 05, 2017

When I became a Teaching Ambassador Fellow for the US Department of Education, I had a lot of questions from colleagues. “How can you work with those people?” “Are you supporting Race to the Top?” I even had a few pointed comments about being a sell-out! Madeline Will wrote yesterday about fellows working at the Department. I was so proud of Melody Arabo, Patrick Kelly, Sean McComb, and Anna Baldwin; like so many other Fellows I have met, they are passionate educators who never leave their teacher voice at the door…