Top 10 Accomplishments of 2016

  1. The inventory of Teacher-Powered Schools surpassed the 100 mark! Help increase that number in 2017—get in touch to learn more.
  2. The Teacher-Powered Schools Network of Minnesota was established and hosted their first regional professional learning day. The Minnesota legislature appropriated $500,000 to award grants to district schools with the explicit purpose of planning to become teacher-powered.
  3. 5 Steps to Starting Your Teacher-Powered School infographic was released to help teams move forward on their teacher-powered journey.
  4. Through the Teacher-Powered Schools Learning Space, educators shared resources, asked questions, and discussed all things teacher-powered. Join the conversation!
  5. Barnett Berry and Kim Farris-Berg offered ideas for garnering support from local associations and unions for teacher-powered schools in a piece published in AFT American Educator.
  6. Deyonne Jackson, Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative Ambassador, outlined innovative skills learned by teachers and students in an infographic and interview with School Climate Institute.
  7. A collaboration with the Los Angeles Education Partnership (LAEP) encouraged area teachers to attend the 2017 Teacher-Powered Schools National Conference.
  8. Awareness for the Teacher-Powered Schools Initiative continued to explode on social media with Twitter and Facebook followers doubling and extensive use of #teacherpowered.
  9. Jeff Austin of Social Justice Humanitas Academy shared the impact of the teacher-powered schools movement with U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King, Jr. at Tea with Teachers.
  10. (photo: CC license by US Department of Education via Flickr)
  11. Through the launch of the Ignition Grants program, groups of teachers are able to jumpstart the process of planning, designing, and implementing a teacher-powered school.