Professional Preparatory Charter School

Updated May 6, 2015
616 Quincy Street, 3rd Floor - Brooklyn NY - 11221
Type of autonomy arrangement: school charter/bylaws
Basic Profile

Opened In



currently K-3, (eventually K-8)




Select leaders
Determine learning program
Select colleagues
Determine professional development
Transfer or terminate colleagues
Determine whether to take, when to take, how much to count district/EMO/authorizer assessments
Determine tenure policy
Make formal arrangements with district/EMO/authorizer to allow multiple measures in determining school success (not only a mean proficiency score)
Evaluate colleagues
Set schedule
Set staff pattern
Determine teacher workday
Determine school budget
Set school-level policy
Determine compensation
Teacher Authority Is...
De Jure
The school has autonomy secured in their charter. Teacher authority is shared among the three current teaching partners. Other associate teachers work with one of the partners and can become a partner teacher through a process outlined in their leadership structure.

About the Learning Program

Professional Preparatory Charter School's learning program is most aptly characterized by its holistic approach, one that involves six major pedagogical components: differentiation, integration (subject-matter, arts, conceptual and cultural), culturally responsive teaching, neuropedagogy, citizen-leadership development, and socratic-inquiry based instruction. By combining these powerful tools with deep and substantive knowledge of their students (realized through our multi-year looping model), they work hard to ensure that they are nurturing the whole student, with a focus on cultivating each young person into a creative and critically thinking young leader for their community (locally, nationally and globally).