i4 Learning School

Updated Jul 26, 2022
5760 Mohawk Rd - Campbellsport WI - 53010
Type of autonomy arrangement: instrumentality charter contract
Note: This school has closed.

Elements of i4Learning

  1. Multi-age Collaborative Learning Environment - students are not bound by their birth year or year they enrolled in school. Students will learn skills needed to engage in a collaborative learning environment.
  2. ePortfolios - students will develop an online portfolio that they will continue to build as they proceed through their learning experience.
  3. Community Partnerships - the governance council, staff, PTO, students, parents will seek ways to partner with those outside the education realm to provide students with rich, meaningful, authentic learning experiences beyond the brick-and-mortar school.
  4. Project-based Learning - students and staff will engage in project-based learning where they will have the opportunity for voice and choice in their educational journey through rich, authentic learning experiences.