Translating Your Breakthrough School Design into a Bold Financial Model


This Afton Partners presentation provides the fundamentals of school budgeting with emphasis on aligning budgets to support next generation school models.

In August of 2013, Next Generation Learning Challenge (NGLC) hosted a planning meeting for grant awardees. This presentation was created to support school leaders in developing financial models that are sustainable and meet citeria for additional funding for NGLC. Here are the intended outcomes from the session:

1. Review key components of a single site school financial model.
2. Develop an understanding of NGLC financial evaluation framework, and why it is important.
3. Discuss the financial and operating traits of NGLC launch grant awardees (so far).
4. Share preliminary lessons learned from schools completing their first year of operation.
5. Highlight challenges to building an effective implementation-oriented financial plan and what you can do about it now.

The first third of the slides in this presentation cover the basics of school budgeting. If you have never seen or created a school budget, this is a good place to start. These slides will help you understand the fundamental revenue and expense issues associated with school budgets.

The next several slides are specific to those who want to launch Next Generation (Blended) School models and apply for funding from the NGLC.

The last portion of the slides provide a preliminary analysis of several schools that launched as part of NGLC. Be aware that, according to NGLC, "the analysis included in this report is based on a review of five year financial plans submitted as part of the NGLC Wave IIIa and Wave IV application process. The analysis includes a small sample of schools, and is based on their projected revenues and expenditures over five years (not actual results). The analysis is therefore subject to change, and will be updated based on actual resource allocation decisions of the grantees.”