Phi Delta Kappan/Gallup Poll on Public Trust of Teachers


Among the many findings in the 2013 version of this annual poll: the public continues to trust teachers.

From the Phi Delta Kappan press release:

According to a new survey, at a time when 45 states and the District of Columbia are phasing in new Common Core State Standards and the student tests that go with them, the American public increasingly does not believe that extensive standardized testing is improving public schools.

Most of those surveyed also give the nation’s public schools a “C” for quality, even though they give their own local schools an “A” or “B.” They express great trust and confidence in public school teachers and principals, support the growth of charter schools, and see nothing wrong with home schooling. But the public is divided on a variety of other issues, ranging from school security and teacher evaluations to educating the children ofparents who entered the country illegally.