In Your School

Across the country, a growing number of educators are transforming student learning in provocative new ways through teacher-powered schools. These teacher teams have secured authority from school leaders, district administrators, and charter authorizers to design and run their schools. With this authority, teachers become directly responsible for the success of their school, which increases their passion for the job and their ability to make the dramatic changes in their school that are needed to truly improve student learning.

District administrators, including superintendents and staff, and charter authorizers play an important role in ensuring educators have the opportunity to pursue a teacher-powered school in their community. Creating supportive conditions for teacher-powered schools to exist and be successful can result in an incredibly unique educational experience for students, families and teachers themselves.

Teacher-powered schools foster a collaborative school climate where teachers, principals, parents, students and community leaders work together in achieving school success. The team of teachers that is responsible and accountable for school success uses their expertise to inform and decide school policies, curriculum and instruction, and school operations, including budgeting and the selection and retention of personnel (including leaders). District and charter leadership oversee and support teachers' work, even if it requires changes to conventional management structures. Teacher-powered schools have been most successful when district and charter leadership make a serious effort to change management structures in support of teachers' innovation.