Summer is an Opportunity for Connections to Grow Deeper

Network members learn by visiting schools in the Teacher Powered Network and sharing practices in competency based math programming. Hearing and telling each school’s unique journey of transformation into an environment that is student-centered and teacher-powered, inspires and encourages everyone to continue the challenging work.

This summer, network participants traveled to Riverview Elementary, Farmington in June, MN New Country School, Henderson in July and Impact Academy, Lakeville in August to tour learning spaces. The mix of charter and district sectors, a principal or no principal on staff, program choice inside of a school or whole school models are all making this network stronger.

The variety of schools are held together by a common purpose of building schools that are centered on the needs of the students and where teachers attain more autonomy to make decisions that affect their learning programs and schools. Also members desire to belong to a community of educators that are like-minded, visionary, and view the challenges of the current, traditional 19th century model of education as an opportunity for transforming learning environments for the next generation.

In a short few months the 20+ participants and handful of schools built an environment of encouragement and collective knowledge. One member recently wrote after attending the July network gathering, “I was very inspired seeing MN New Country and speaking with their staff. They have complete ownership over the school which in turn greatly impacts the students. The love for the job and students is very evident with this group of people. This positivity and want to change the system motivates me. It also lets me know I am not alone in this journey and it is hard for everyone.”