Growing Stronger and Deeper in 2018-19!

Relationships are growing stronger among the TPSC Network in MN, leading to deeper more authentic conversations about important topics of trust and decision-making. This is predicted in a book about networks titled, “The Starfish and The Spider.” Authors Brafman and Beckstrom say, “emotional connections come first. Once there’s an emotional connection, then and only then is it time to brainstorm and talk strategy.”

Emotional connection are formed and the time has come! The 40+ individual Network participants are diving in deeper and strategizing how to build authentic learning communities that honor the voices of all students, teachers and other leaders in an organization. Even though each member comes from eight different school environments, they all have the common belief that decisions made by teachers and strong trust will catalyze the learning environment to be more centered on students. The variety of schools or programs has created a rich set of experience to draw from. So far the TPSC Network is made up of five district schools and three charter schools. Cool, right?! District and Charter schools learning from each other!!

If reading this has peaked your interest in Networks and this group of MN professionals, consider reading more about Why Networks Matter In K-12 Education and consider connecting with this thoughtful group of practitioners to share and receive energy, encouragement, ideas around the upcoming topics:

  • Teacher Powered Structures/Decision-making Models/Areas of Autonomy
  • Competency-based literacy/math pathways
  • Broadening tools of measurement

The earliest contributors to Wikipedia volunteered their time because they believed in the big dream: that together people could build an encyclopedia that could be enjoyed by everyone around the world. The network of people volunteered their time before knowing if the concept would catch on. The TPSC Network is not unlike the pioneers of Wikipedia; they believe that together teachers can build a new system of education that could bring the joy of learning to every child in this region. Join us by emailing