Week 1: October 19–22

Monday, Oct 19
4:00–5:00 pm CT
Conference kickoff

Virtual Kickoff featuring a keynote speaker and a design thinking activity.

Tuesday, Oct 20
2:00 pm CT
Teacher-Powered 101 workshop

For those new to teacher-powered. Workshop will be recorded and available to all attendees.

4:00–5:00 pm CT
Virtual get-to-know-you table groups

Led by Teacher-Powered Ambassadors.

Wednesday, Oct 21
8:00 am CT
Virtual school tours

Pre-recorded video tours accessible on-demand on the conference website.

Thursday, Oct 22
3:00–6:00 pm CT
Virtual school tour roundtables

Each host school will host a one-hour roundtable during the day for questions and discussion about their school.

Week 2: October 26–29

Monday, Oct 26
8:00am–5:00 pm CT

Multiple workshops will be offered with at least one for each teacher-powered stage (forming, storming, norming, transforming/performing, and supporting). Workshops will be recorded and available to all participants.

Tuesday, Oct 27
5:00 pm CT
Community conversations

Small group conversations led on a variety of topics led by practitioners, students, and parents.

Wednesday, Oct 28
5:00 pm CT
Closing table time

Closing small group time with facilitated protocol.

Thursday, Oct 29
4:00–5:30 pm CT
Next steps activity & happy hour

An activity for all participants to move their teacher-powered journey forward.