Breakout Session Topics

Below is the final, confirmed list of conference sessions. You will be able to attend four sessions in total. Most sessions are offered twice, giving you and your team the opportunity to participate in sessions that overlap during the same time. Sessions with an asterisk* are only offered once.

*Building Legislative Coalitions

How a group of diverse actors came together to advance a bill asking the Minnesota legislature to give district teachers money to help start new teacher-powered schools

Presented by:

  • Megan Hall, Teacher, Open World Learning Community, St. Paul Public Schools and 2013 Minnesota Teacher of the Year
  • Lynn Nordgren, President, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers
  • Joe Nathan, Director, Center for School Change, St. Paul, MN

Defining Student and School Success Beyond Test Scores

How the TAGOS Leadership Academy team uses innovative strategies and tools to measure student motivation and growth. Participants will gain an understanding of how personal learning plans, educational rounding, raised responsibility rubrics, and project based learning are used to improve academic and behavioral trajectories for students.

Presented by:

  • Nic Manogue, teacher and Dean of Students, TAGOS Leadership Academy, Janesville, WI
  • Jon Woloshin, former teacher and Dean of Students at TAGOS, Currently Coordinator of Alternative Learning Services, Madison Metropolitan School District

Distributing Leadership

How teams at Minnesota New Country School and San Francisco Community School design and use structures that work.

Presented by:

  • Nora Houseman, Head Teacher, San Francisco Community School, San Francisco, CA
  • Aaron Grimm, Teacher-Advisor, Minnesota New Country School, Henderson, MN

Making Decisions as a Team, Efficiently and Respectfully

How the Avalon School team has learned to design and run meetings and summer planning sessions to get things done and maintain healthy working relationships.

Presented by:

  • Carrie Bakken, Program Coordinator and Teacher, Avalon School, St. Paul, MN
  • Nora Whalen, Program Coordinator and Teacher, Avalon School, St. Paul, MN

Peer Evaluation That Encourages Self-Reflection and Continuous Improvement

How the teacher leaders at Mission Hill School support and hold each other accountable for setting and reaching goals.

Presented by:

  • Jenerra Williams, Teacher, Mission Hill K-8 School, Boston, MA

Securing and Sustaining School and Teacher Autonomy

How teams at Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy and Reiche Community School learned to navigate the politics within their school districts and unions to get their school proposal and autonomy agreements approved, and sustain their autonomy over time.

Presented by:

  • Kim Manning Ursetta, Teacher, Mathematics and Science Leadership Academy, Denver, CO
  • Lorraine Bobinsky, Co-Lead Teacher, Howard C. Reiche Community School, Portland, ME

Servant Leadership

How the Principal and Lead Teacher of Social Justice Humanitas Academy act in service to the teacher team, which runs the school, and deal with the dynamics this causes given district and union politics and expectations. This session will include their ideas for how district and union leaders can best support teacher-powered school teams and their chosen school leaders.

Presented by:

  • Jeff Austin, Lead Teacher, Social Justice Humanitas Academy, Los Angeles, CA
  • Jose Navarro, Principal, Social Justice Humanitas Academy, Los Angeles, CA

Students Can Co-Create and Co-Enforce Community Norms

How the Avalon School team gives students a voting branch of school governance and other opportunities to influence school culture

Presented by:

  • Students at Avalon School, St. Paul, MN
  • Carrie Bakken, Program Coordinator and Teacher, Avalon School, St. Paul, MN
  • Nora Whalen, Program Coordinator and Teacher, Avalon School, St. Paul, MN

Team-Task Hiring for Collaboration

How Hughes STEM teachers find, choose & induct new teachers for a teacher-powered culture

Presented by:

  • Virginia Rhodes, Consultant and Founder, Renegade Learning and Retired Principal, Hughes STEM High School, Cincinnati, OH

*Unions Can Take the Lead

How Boston Teachers Union started a school, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers passed a law encouraging teachers to propose designing and running district schools, Portland Education Association supported Reiche School teachers to convert to teacher-powered governance, and AFT supported the creation of the Minnesota Guild (a charter school authorizer of union-affiliated, teacher-powered schools).

Presented by:

  • Selene Becker, Portland Education Association, Portland, ME
  • Lynn Nordgren, President, Minneapolis Federation of Teachers, Minneapolis, MN
  • Taryn Snyder, Teacher, Boston Teachers Union School, Boston, MA
  • Louise Sundin, Chair of the Board, Minnesota Guild, St. Paul, MN

Using Assessment Autonomy

How the UCLA Community School team articulated the infrastructure needed to own and use student data

Presented by:

  • Karen Hunter Quartz, Director of Research, Center X and UCLA Community School, Los Angeles, CA
  • Daniel Sotelo, Teacher, UCLA Community School, Los Angeles, CA